Kyle Long, son of Howie, busted for DWI, leaves college

Kyle Long's blood-alcohol content was .02 over the legal limit. He was to be a pitcher for the Florida State Seminoles baseball team.

Kyle Long, former St. Anne's-Belfield baseball and football standout, and 20-year-old son of Pro Football Hall of Famer and Ivy resident Howie Long, was arrested in the early hours of Sunday, January 4 and charged with driving while intoxicated by University of Virginia Police.

"He made a dumb mistake," says father Howie, "and he's learning from it."

According to a police report, an officer pulled over the Major League pitching prospect and Florida State University student at 2:01am driving the wrong way on 12 1/2 Street near the Corner district. After detecting alcohol on Long's breath, the officer administered a field sobriety test, which Long failed. After declining a Breathalyzer at the scene, Long eventually took the test at the police station, where his blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.10, a level at the legal threshold a decade ago but now .02 past the legal limit.

An irony is that Kyle had allegedly gotten into his Chevy Tahoe in order to avoid doing something illegal.

"He was moving his truck from a tow-away zone to a parking space," says Howie, "but he still shouldn't have done that."

Long was to be a rising star for the Florida State Seminoles' baseball team, but Thursday, January 8 the team announced that the freshman was leaving FSU. The reason cited, however, was Long's grades.

"After falling behind academically," the statement reads, "Kyle and his family have decided that it is in his best interest at this time to be closer to home while he tries to get back on track academically."

According to Howie, Kyle's arrest and his decision to leave Florida State are unrelated.

"We had already made that decision before this," says Long. "We decided he could do better academically if he were closer to home."

Long was a two-sport star at St. Anne's, playing offensive tackle for the Saints football team and pitching for the baseball team. Long shocked many in the collegiate sports media when he opted not to follow in his father and brother Chris' onto the college gridiron, despite the fact that he was courted by some of the top programs in the country.

At STAB, Long dominated both the mound and the plate, packing an over-90mph fastball while putting up a batting average of .500–- and winning the attention both of college and professional recruiters. The Chicago White Sox drafted Long in the 23rd round of this year's Amateur Draft, but Long opted to attend college to play baseball instead.

No word yet on which school Long will choose next, but since the statement notes that his family wishes him to be "closer to home," the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, each of which recruited Long heavily, seem like possibilities. Father Howie says his son has yet to make a decision about where he will enroll next.

Long is due in Charlottesville General District Court on Thursday, February 19 at 10:30am.

In all, Howie hopes that this will be a positive experience for his son.

"We're doing what any family would do," he says, "love your kids, and help them to learn from their mistakes."

–last updated January 9, 10:00am. The original post stated it had been Charlottesville police who made the arrest.


He was probably just depressed because he only has it better than 99.9999999% of the rest of us.

That's really disappointing.

Just another 20 year old kid finding his way in the world. He is a good kid with a loving family. As a parent of similar aged children, I say there but for the grace of God go I. I also know what it would have been like to come home to my mom and dad after such a screw up. I'm sure his parents will handle it.

Rambler, I'd say he probably has it ALOT harder than most of us. His father's and brother's achievements and his apparent gifts create a climate of scrutiny and expectation from complete strangers. I wonder how many other young people have been busted for similar things this month that we don't read about?

Kyle should have stayed closer to home in the first place, but was trying to escape his older brothers shadow,such big shoes to fill. I can see him enrolling at VT in the future, sounds like he would fit in well. Good luck Kyle

We are all wired differently. Chris survived and has done well. Kyle could have too but has chosen a less desirable path. Howie Jr will follow Kyles path unless he straightens up now. The Longs need to take a hard look at their issues and get the guidance needed. Parents need to be proactive not laxidasical if they want to keep their kids straight....this goes for all parents.

I knew it wouldn't take long. Just because some kid had a few beers late on a Saturday night, he suddenly needs guidance. He was doing what kids do, get together with friends and have a few beers. If you want to see just a few of hundreds of "police officer" related DUIs in 2008, read these tales and notice the blood alcohol test results:

December 29, 2008 SCHENECTADY NY � A city police officer has been arrested for the second time in two months.

Police arrested John W. Lewis, 39, of Oregon Avenue on Saturday morning for allegedly driving while intoxicated. Department spokesman Officer Kevin Green said Lewis hit a parked car in the area of 1052 Eastern Ave. at 4:26 a.m.

Lewis has been charged with two misdemeanor charges of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and aggravated driving while intoxicated for allegedly having a blood alcohol content of greater than 0.18 percent. He also was issued two violation tickets for imprudent speed and improper lane use.

This is Lewis’ fourth arrest in the last eight months. Lewis was charged last month with misdemeanors of third-degree stalking and second-degree aggravated harassment for allegedly threatening his former wife a total of four times in August and November. Court papers allege that Lewis said if he found his ex-wife with someone, he was going to kill whoever she was with and her. That case is pending.

Lewis’ divorce became final in late September. He also has another pending contempt case for allegedly violating an order of protection by calling his former wife several times.

He was acquitted in June of a violation harassment charge, which stemmed from allegations that he grabbed and pushed his wife in a dispute over their child.

Lewis has been suspended without pay for 30 days after each arrest. He was then returned to the payroll but did not return to work. Green said Lewis was suspended without pay for 30 days as a result of the most recent incident.

Lewis also has filed a notice of claim against the city. He alleges that the police collaborated with his ex-wife to force him from his job and embarrass him. City officials attempted to fire Lewis 10 years ago over allegations that he used a racial slur while off duty. An arbitrator restored him to his post. Lewis’ attorney Kevin Luibrand said previously that his client has gone on disability for an undisclosed ailment.

Police union President Lt. Robert Hamilton did not return a call seeking comment.

or this...........

December 29, 2008, Louisiana - Shreveport police officer Michael Welch was charged with driving while intoxicated in Louisiana after a traffic incident. The 32-year old was off duty but driving a marked patrol car when other motorists contacted the police about his careless driving. Shreveport police were immediately dispatched to the area, where the found Welch asleep behind the wheel with the engine of the police cruiser running.

Welch was booked at the Shreveport City Jail on charges of suspicion of drunk driving in Louisiana around 4:00 am. He was later released on bond.

Welch is a three year veteran with the Shreveport Police Department, assigned to the Uniformed Services Division. He is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

or this....

December 17, 2008 Palm Beach, Florida - A police officer in Palm Beach County, Florida was arrested on December 13th for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Lieutenant Phillip Griffith was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol and was later released on his own recognizance. (ROR)

Palm Beach County includes Belle Glade, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Springs, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach.

or this.....

December 30, 2008 OSWEGO, NY - OSWEGO, NY -- A Fulton police officer was charged with two counts of drunken driving Sunday after a hit-and-run crash in the city of Oswego, police said today.

Kevin Brown is accused of hitting a parked vehicle at 9:28 p.m. near 218 E. 10th St. and leaving the scene, said Oswego police Capt. Mike Beckwith.

Oswego police caught up to Brown's vehicle at the Valero gas station, 181 E. 1st St., about 45 minutes later, Beckwith said.

Brown was taken to the Oswego police station and given an alcohol test. He was charged with two misdemeanors: driving while intoxicated and aggravated driving while intoxicated, which accuses him of a blood-alcohol content of 0.18 or above, Beckwith said. He was also ticketed for leaving the scene of a property damage accident, a violation.

Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward said Monday that Police Chief Orlo Green called him Monday morning and told him that Brown, who has worked for the department since August 1997, was arrested in the city of Oswego.

He said the chief told him the department would be handling the case as a personnel matter.

"I don't know any of the details," Woodward said.

What's your point? Cops need guidance too if what they are doing crosses the line. Surely you wouldn't sit by if you care about a person and let them continue with self destructive behavior unless you have your head up your butt which you might. I won't pretend to know kyle's behavior at FSU or judge it but based on others i know, their ejection from college was due to a little bit too much partying and not enough learning.

Transfer to U.Va. or VT seems unlikely -- you have to sit out an extra year if you transfer within the ACC, right?

Nice job Rambo hater.
You just wasted a couple mins of my life reading your vitriol against cops. Guess what? They are human too. They have to live in the same society you do, and have the same issues. They do a thankless job, and have to deal with Haters like you every day. I know good ones, and not so good ones...but the fact you are compelled to scour the internet to post a couple negative stories tells me all I need to know about you. You are a miserable human, pissed off for no other reason that maybe some cop gave you a traffic tix in your vw bus. 10's of THOUSANDS of police and firefighters did a good job today, and got a THANKS. That is all they require. As a teacher, I am happy to have them around.
Put your hate where your head is...and dont call 911 for anything.
Better yet--STFU.

Since he's under 21, he's really .08 over the legal limit.

quote: As a teacher.....

WoW! If you lose your temper that easily, I dont want you near my children.

Oh, there's a lot more to Rambo than you know "Sick of the Rambo haters". He doesn't drive a VW bus but his real wish is to be a real cop and drive a real police car.

That's why he hates them, because he deep down wants to be one but they'll never have him back...

Kyle, I am sure you are reading this. This will be a humiliating experience pasted and lambasted like this, but people want you to realize how many opportunities are before you that others will never have. Cherish them, respect them, and if you screw up don't take an innocent person down with you. Driving drunk is a mistake that affects innocent people who do not deserve to die because of your bad judgements. Good Luck

Kudos to Howie for stepping up and dealing with the press when it would have been so much easier to issue a no comment. The only reason this is news is because Kyle has famous relatives. It's wrong that he was drunk and I really hope he learns from this. His parents are great citizens of this area and I wish the best for them and their family.

Shows how much you know, Sicko Sux. I have a totally restored 1976 VW bus with just over 19,000 original miles on it. It will be in the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona this year.

For anyone here who knows the answer to this question below without guessing:

Did the University of Virginia ever offer Kyle Long a full baseball scholarship?

quote: " The only reason this is news is because Kyle has famous relatives.

Correct. That's my original point. If this had been a plain ole ordinary citizen, a local cop, the president of a prestigious university or the director of the local National Ground Intelligence Center, the police wouldn't be so eager to make a press release about it.

Actually SOTLR, your original point was a cut and paste of an article no one wanted to read. You never made my point. You original said "I knew it wouldn't take long". Too bad you weren't trying to be clever instead of being obnoxious.

No, the point was the original press release didn't even need to be made in the first place. If the police are going to issue a press release about a DUI arrest, issue a press release for each and every DUI arrest. If the various media outlets are going to report on a DUI arrest, report all of them. And it didn't take long for somebody to jump on the bandwagon suggesting professional counseling. I don't think any person needs professional counseling simply due to the fact they had a beer or two too many on a Saturday night. And they nor their family should be singled out, humilated and embarrassed by the press release.

Knowing Kyle personally, I can say that he is a great baseball player, student, and person. It is true that the only reason this is being broadcasted is because of his last name. Old Crow - how can you say that Kyle has "chosen a less desirable path" (than his brother, Chris) from one mistake that is commonly made by high school and college students? And because he chose to go out and have a few beers with his friends, this now affects Howie Jr. too? And as for your parenting advice - I do agree with you on the fact that parents need to be proactive and not "laxidasical"; HOWEVER, I truly hope that is not a message to Mr. and Mrs. Long. Unless you are God, which you're not because you would know how to spell LACKADAISICAL, I feel that you should probably refrain from suggesting life lessons to others.

Kyle is a great kid from a super family and I'm glad he wasn't injured behind the wheel as so many kids are. I know everyone wishes him the best.

Give the kid a break, he made a mistake. We all make them, this isn't an issue that should be in the media. His last name should have nothing to do with it. Get over it and move on.

Great catch on spelling! I like my spelling better though. I would not care to have family info displayed for public eyes to dissect but when you have the status of his family i guess thats the price to pay. To defend this as a "desirable path" shows your ignorance and stupidity. I would say getting a DUI, drinking under age and being ejected from college are not as common as you pretend...they are warning signs. It is nice of you to defend kyle but the facts speak for themselves. Sugar coat them as you please if it make you feel good.

Why are you confusing "guidance" with "professional counseling"? Do you think he needs "professional counseling"?

The Long's have been great people and great for the community and it is too bad this kind of news gets broadcasted but thats life i guess. My "parenting advice" as you call it was a general statement, not targeting the Longs. As parents they know what's needed i'm sure.

Oh and BTW I'd suggest you refrain from reading people's post if you want to censor others because you disagree with their comments. Who is playing God now? Perhaps China is more to your liking.

College kid gets drunk and is caught drunk driving. Happens dozens of times each day all over this country. The only reason this was a blip on the news is because of the kid's family name.

It's not an indictment on his parents, or of his school, or of his brothers, or of anything else. He screwed up, I'm certain he is aware of that, and God willing he'll learn from this and get moving in the right direction and this will be nothing but a speed bump for him and his family.

It's kind of funny how nearly all of us have things like this happen in our families and in most cases we deal with it quietly, understand what happened, and forgive. But when it happens to somebody with a celebrity dad all of a sudden it's a case of bad parenting and irresponsible behavior from a kid who apparently doesn't know how good he has it.

Please. I mean, really, please.

Drunk driving is wrong and I'm thankful no one was hurt. But this has to be the flip side of having a famous parent. The Longs have always been engaged members of this community. The work they have done with the boys and girls club has really made a difference in this area. I wish them all well and hope Kyle will learn from this mistake.

Mr miller, in your post above you mentioned that Kyle would be a good fit at VT. Really? Just because of a few bad apples like Ike Whitaker and Brandon Ore doesn't mean all Tech players are problems off the field. Maybe Al Groh should look into signing him to go along with all of UVAs off the field football issues! Maybe Kyle could then get his degree from UVA, unlike brother Chris.

Aren't we overlooking a bigger PUBLIC issue here? A bar on the corner served an underage patron. Word is it's where everyone underage goes to party. That to me is where we should be focusing the public eye, not on a young man who made a mistake, will pay the consequences, and hopefully learn something from the experience.

quote: "The only reason this was a blip on the news is because of the kid’s family name."


If every person driving locally under the influence of alcohol had been caught over the holidays (Dec 24 to Jan 2), I feel absolutely sure the list would have included people such as doctors, lawyers, judges, police chiefs, sheriffs, off duty cops, off duty firemen, nurses, airline pilots, teachers, school bus drivers, school principals, postal workers, UPS and FedEx drivers, presidents of this, directors of that, etc... And we would have to wonder how many would be reported by the local media outlets like local TV channels 16, 19 and 29, since their last name of course wouldn't have been Long, son of the infamous Howie Long. It doesn't take much to reach an 0.08 BAC.

IMHO, while there's certainly no statistics to back it up, DUI is just like shoplifting. For every one that is caught, 99 aren't.

quote: "A bar on the corner served an underage patron."

Where does this information come from? The police report or some sort of official hearsay?

A couple of the posts refer to the police "issuing a press release". This is wrong; the Hook investigated and chose run a story on this, not because of a press release. The City police issue a daily report, which anyone can access, and I would guess this is where they got their information.

I agree with the comments that this is not news, and to my knowledge the Hook is the only one reporting it. Shame on the Hook.

A also agree with the comments about Kyle and the Longs: he is a very good kid, and they are a great family. Mistakes happen, and we learn from them.

I've known the Long's for years and they are all good, upstanding members of our community. Kids make mistakes--in fact we all make mistakes--give Kyle a break. As for counseling--he'll have to go to VASP and probably loose his license for 6 months. Good luck, Kyle!

quote: "I agree with the comments that this is not news, and to my knowledge the Hook is the only one reporting it. Shame on the Hook."

What in the Wide World of Media are you talking about?

All of the local TV channels have covered it. It was just on Channel 29 at 12:03 p.m. again.

quote: "As for counseling ââ?¬â?? he’ll have to go to VASP and probably loose his license for 6 months."

So, he's guilty already? Before trial?

This is the problem in America. People are guilty before they step foot in a courtroom. They are tried and convicted in the media.

Dear readers,

I feel like I should step in and clear up a few things.

Indeed, there was no press release. We got a tip that this may have happened and we looked into it.

To respond to Dave, we're not the only ones to report on this. NBC29 and the Newsplex have also reported this story:

Also, all the known facts are in the piece above. Thus far nothing is known about where Long had been drinking, and any statements otherwise are purely rumor at this point. If you have information to share with me about that, send me an e-mail at Otherwise, don't spread rumors on this blog.

Finally, I should explain why we decided to report this. As you can see from this blog and others, Kyle Long is a famous person both because of his athletic accomplishments and his last name. That means he's someone about whom people are bound to talk when something like this happens, regardless of whether we report about it. We at the Hook felt it was important to report the facts rather than ignore the story and let the rumor mill run wild. When I spoke with Howie Long yesterday, it seemed like he understood that, and was willing to share information with us for that reason.

As always, thanks for reading.

Lindsay Barnes

quote: "Indeed, there was no press release. We got a tip that this may have happened and we looked into it."

And some of us know where these tips originate from. Longo has a few mouth pieces in his department that discusses things such as this "behind the scenes" with a condition being that of anonymity, and clearly without authority to do so (as in against SOP policy). If Longo wants to challenge my knowledge, or doubts what I say, I will put him in touch with a former high ranking city official that can confirm what I say here. Longo knows how to get in tocuh with me.

Not saying that happened in this case, but.....

I am totally surprised to learn that anybody was under the impression that The Hook was the only news outlet reporting this DUI arrest.

Another interesting point, the local Magistrate's Office makes available to the local media outlets almost any arrests that come across their desk each day. I knew many reporters on a first name basis simply from meeting them each day they stopped in to view the day's arrests. And I myself have been known to provide them interesting tips on the condition of anonymity.

Give the poor kid a break! I hope that he had a couple of intoxicated girls in the car with him when the cops pulled him over because that's what red blooded American boys do!!! Stop all the hippie feel good crap and let him go on about his business!

Idealist 01, I just hope they were very attractive, not intoxicated. :)

Amen brother! What a sweet combination... women and alcohol...

Old Crow -

I'm sorry that you feel that I am trying to censor your comments - if I'm not mistaken, blogs are designed so that people can add and/or respond to previously made entries.

As for your efforts made to supply supporting facts to my ignorance and stupidity, maybe you should stop and take the time to recognize the facts. For starters, underage drinking is VERY common. Kyle just happened to be unlucky when he was moving his car from the tow-away zone. Secondly, your reference to "too much partying and not enough learning" is inaccurate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the DUI was issued here in Charlottesville - hints why the article was published in The HooK, a Charlottesville newspaper.

I'm not sure where you got the idea that I was confusing guidance and professional counseling. Maybe you could enlighten me with this information?

And I'm glad that your comment was not directed towards Mr. and Mrs. Long. Maybe it's just a coincidence that you made a comment about the Longs needing to get the guidance that they needed and then followed it with parenting advice.

Transfer to JMU Kyle...we will gladly have you!

David Brown said

"I agree with the comments that this is not news, and to my knowledge the Hook is the only one reporting it. Shame on the Hook."

I heard this reported on WINA before I read it at the Hook.

Waldo's comment at the site says it all

guess the Hook isn't the only ones who think this is news

Sick of the Rambo haters, since you seem to think I unjustly single out cops all the time, and since you claim to be a teacher, I want to prove that I can change my ways - just for you. The below story came as no surprise to me. It seems to be yet another example of the poor quality employees we're getting in every level of government service lately. I'm sure they will discover she was selling to students by the time the investigation continues. Who would have thunk it, a teacher distributing illegal drugs!

Elementary School Teacher Caught with 72 Pounds of Marijuana
Associated Press

January 10, 2009 WILLIAMSPORT, PA -- Police in central Pennsylvania say they have arrested a veteran elementary school teacher and seized 72 pounds of marijuana from her home.

Police in Williamsport, Pa., say they arrested 52-year-old Beth Camp on Friday along with her husband and son and charged them with possession with intent to deliver and other counts.
Police estimated the marijuana was worth $350,000.

School officials say Camp has taught in the Williamsport Area School District for nearly 25 years.

There was no immediate indication if they have attorneys to speak for them.

I'm js glad he didn't kill any Floridians before je got kicked out of school. Run along now and don't come out until you hjave a clue.

Big deal......Back in the '60's and early seventies he would have been drafted by the armed forces if he left we didn't and tried to keep our grades up!

Should have offered the cop a beer................

First and formost Kyle i wish u the best they are a great family and well one if he wasnt a long would neone ever had heard about it mm no probably not and well two was it bad luck yes it was he got caught how many other kids/adults or out here driving and never get caught and three this is his and his family business not every one elses to deal with so mind your own da@@ business and get a life

Get A Life, what did you just say?

(proof that the public school system is broken)

SOTHR- Since you are so fond of doing it-
How do you know that GET A LIFE went to public school?
Aren't you assuming facts not in evidence. Couldn't they be a drunk private school student, an immigrant, or home schooled?

You sue people and don't like cops. Sometimes in a country with over 300 million people, government empolyees act badly. We get it. However, this cut and paste of barely related articles and holier-than-thou attitude is tiresome. I'm sure you don't care.

GET A LIFE - drunk posting has to be funny or no one wins.

quote: "SOTHR- "

Please call me SOTLR.

quote: "Sometimes in a country with over 300 million people, government empolyees act badly."

Sorta like the BART police officer who stood up, drew his firearm, and shot a handcuffed 20-year-old kid in the back and killed him recently?

quote: "SOTHR- How do you know that GET A LIFE went to public school? Aren’t you assuming facts not in evidence. Couldn’t they be a drunk private school student, an immigrant, or home schooled?

GET A LIFE - drunk posting has to be funny or no one wins."

How do you know GET A LIFE is drunk while posting? Aren't you assuming facts not in evidence?

Silly Old Troll, Lacking Reason-You can't argue so you cut and paste again, super. Concentration on one of the leaves of one tree rarely makes one understand the whole forest.

I didn't say GET A LIFE was drunk did I? Again you fail at basic reading comprehension. I simple stated something I believed; not that he/she was drunk. If I said "If you are going to drunk post" that would be different. Just because I mentioned drunk as an example doesn't mean I accused GET A LIFE of being drunk. You arrived there from an assumption. And in this case it just made an ass of u not me.

And since you didn't object I will say again you like to sue and you don't like cops. EVERYONE HERE GETS IT- I have a feeling you will feel the need to remind us again because we refused to have it tattooed on our foreheads.

quote: " Again you fail at basic reading comprehension."

Could it possibly be that I am also a product of the public school system? :)

quote: "And since you didn’t object I will say again you like to sue and you don’t like cops."

I'm sorry. I didn't realize you actually wanted me to object.

So, I now object. I only dislike crooked corrupt lying thieving cops. But most cops are honest decent hard working individuals. Between Charlottesville and Albemarle County, I feel there's probably only about 8 to 10 that actually belong in prison for their wrongdoings. This of course is based on my personal knowledge, a highly qualified personal knowledge I must add. Some are still serving, some are retired. One "retired" under indictment recently, and is most likely facing some pretty serious prison time. But you know what? He's not even in the 8 to 10 I mentioned above. I never expected him to be involved in the shenanigans he was arrested for.

Continuing my objections, I don't like suing anybody. It's actually a PITA. But the law says all I can do is sue them for relief once they have harmed me and/or my family. :)

The same is actually true of Kyle Long. Had he crashed into somebody and seriously injured them, all the injured party could do is sue him. It's not like the injured party can take Kyle out in a corn field and beat him senseless with an aluminum baseball bat for the damages he might have caused while driving under the influence of alcohol. Do you get it yet?

Which actually reminds me, my daughter has 2 more years (age 18) before she has to file her lawsuit for damages by a local cop back when she was 5 years old.

By the way, while we're discussing lawsuits and DUI arrests, this is pretty interesting stuff. I wonder if this cop got some type of MADD award for having the most DUIs in a year's time. :)

156 DUIs of Disgraced Chicago Cop John Haleas Dismissed

April 17, 2008

Chicago, Illinois. John Haleas, 37, used to be a Chicago police officer. He was honored three times for his tremendous efforts in keeping the roadways safe from drunk drivers. Haleas, a once renowned DUI cop, has been stripped of his police powers.

Haleas is being sued in federal court by a defendant he arrested for DUI in April 2005. Haleas is also facing felony perjury charges. Apparently, Haleas was creative when writing up DUI police reports. It is alleged he falsely reported the DUI defendant’s performance on the field sobriety tests.

The state’s attorney is dropping DUI cases left and right of defendants arrested by Haleas. So far 156 cases have been dismissed and the state’s attorney is reviewing around 500 more arrests.

Sick, If you have another obsession, toy trains for example, it would be much more entertaining to read about that for a change rather than skipping over your very worn out current line of rant. Please don't go away, I read these things for the comedy, and you used to be funny before you became so tiresome. All I'm asking for is something interesting.

Weary, I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe that one cop falsely arresting close to 650 people for DUI can't hold your interest.

Silly Old Troll, Lacking Reason since the cop was from Chicago and this is a local blog-the article does not hold my interest. BTW I hear that the Governor of that state also has his own problems. Corruption in Chicago might not even be classified as news any longer.

Perhaps you could start your own blog about ethic and cops. That way, people who want to share your interest could flock to your forum where you could regale them with you cut and paste abilities. Seriously, how could they not love a blog about bad cops.

Internet Etiquette - You lost this debate when you resorted to namecalling. What are you, 14 years old?

Corruption anywhere should not be tolerated. But, if you want to keep it on a local level, how about the Albemarle County police sergeant terminated for falsifying speedometer certifications? Do you suppose his testimony in some of his DUI arrests was also much less than truthful? Hhmmm......

Silly Old Troll, Lacking Reason- You really cite internet etiquette and then say I lost because I called you a silly old troll. Could you please reference the Emily Post guide to posting that says that.I think what you are looking for might be Godwin's law- and I have not called you a nazi.

It's a local blog-cutting and pasting articles not really related is a violation of good sense and debate. I have no problem with what you are doing in the murder thread. Here you are just an off topic bore with a Paul Bunyan sized axe to grind. The topic here is a DUI of the son of a local celeb.

No one is saying "yeah, corruption" but putting articles about out of town bad cops in this thread is silly. Your behavior is trollish. If your not old (over 40 to me) then that's the only false name I might have called you. (other the the assume joke)

By the why what do you get when you "win" on the internet? The virtual higher ground?

quote: "The topic here is a DUI of the son of a local celeb."

So why are you posting about Silly Old Trolls, cutting and pasting articles, Paul Bunyan sized axes, an Emily Posting guide, Godwin's law, virtual higher ground, etc...

While discussing off topic replies, you aren't part of the solution when you are part of the problem by continuing to post off topic replys about off topic replies. If we really want to have a battle of wits and rely so heavily on "off topic" as the main subject of debate now, we need to follow certain etiquette and remain professional, this includes not replying to off topic replies it would seem. But no, like other confused individuals, you subscribe to the theory of "don't do as I do, do as I say".

Looking back, it seems you really went over the edge once I mentioned our sorry public schools yesterday. Why? :)


A flying what?

Silly Old Troll, Lacking Reason-The very fact that you think public schools is reason I took issue with you brings into focus the problem. The why was listed in that following post, didn't you read it?

You can't answer my questions so now you try to change the subject. That is not debate it is retreat. You brought this thread off topic and I took issue with you. You don't respond, you deflect. You can't defend your off topic rants so you obfuscate the subject matter. Listing my points from the previous post is just another type of cutting and pasting. Using bold to make your point is another affectation that one step above all caps. So far in this battle of wits, you clearly seem unarmed.

quote: "So far in this battle of wits, you clearly seem unarmed."

That is so 1980s.

Almost as bad as "one fry short of a Happy Meal".

Shut Up Already!

I subscribed to this thread because I was interested in the original topic. So every time one of you tries to sneak in the last word, it generates yet another e-mail in my in box, and those of presumably dozens of other folks. That may be what provoked Zombie; it's definitely ticked me off.

U-Hoo, I apologize for the trouble and will leave this thread to others. I didn't think about the emails generated. To any others effect my apologies as well.

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people, people, people....

is it better to be right or happy? enough with all of this bickering. we are all in this together. even the kid in question.

my vote is for happiness.

Dumnb kid mistake by what appears to be an otherwise good kid. Most of us over the age of 40 have been stopped by the cops and let go home back in the day without charges, but now we have a zero tolerance system so we get more folks charged.

As far as transferring to another school, it would seem odd to think he flunks out of FSU but could be accepted into UVA .....

A college baseball player has academic problems and then later fails a field sobriety test. There wasn't anything at all in the article about police corruption. But the posts apparently are going to be allowed to continue until February 7, no matter what.

So, any Three Dog Night fans here? I really was a big fan of theirs, growing up.

someone else, was that really necessary?

Let me take a wild guess at this. Kyle landed the beautiful young lady you wanted to go to the prom with? Someday in the future we will see you and Kyle on the new TV series "High School Reunion" with you whining about how Kyle stole your dream date from you? :)

Dear someoneelse,

If you've got a factual assertion to make, send it to me in an e-mail at, and I'll look into it. Otherwise, keep conjecture out of this forum.

Lindsay Barnes

The cynic in me raises a lot of questions on this one....
1. Sounds a bit sanitized that "he was just moving his car from a tow-away space to a legal space." Yeah, that's the ticket!
2. I thought St. Anne's was a "prestigious private academy," charging out-of-this-world tuition and holding students to high academic standards. So, this kid goes to a junk (oops, that's junque...we are in Cville) school like FSU and can't hack it academically? Perhaps I see PVCC in Kyle's future!
3. Why is he even going to school. There are kids who really need an education to start a career...send him to a MLB tryout camp and maybe he will end up with the Hillcats down in Lynchburg.

I do agree with comment #1. I was wondering why he even chose to park in a tow-away zone to begin with. Usually i avoid those illegal parking spots. in all fairness i don't know the zone referred to however i do try to comply with the law.

As for #2 you seem a bit perturbed...perhaps too. Stab does enforce 'high academic standards' and thus the reason for more kids graduating kindergarten than 12th they prove their worth they are allowed to move up or asked to move out.

As for #3, that is his business to work out with family, though he is an adult at this point. Maybe someone can offer him some "guidance". :)

Cheers and lighten up!

College isn't for everyone.

Nothing wrong with trying minor league baseball. He has been drafted already in the 23rd round by the Chicago White Sox.

Under NCAA rules, you can play pro baseball for as many years as you want.

Then you can go to college and play college football with an NCAA full football scholarship.

The Hook needs sports news like this in each issue: this seems to be getting a lot of responses.

Thanks for the tip Old Crow. Colonel Cranky here with the latest:
1. He parked in a tow-away zone because he was drunk and thought it said "Celebrity Son's Zone." Additionally, since the car is in Howie's name, the "car towed at owner's expense" was no deterrent. We need signs like "Tow Away Zone...Car towed and driver's pitching arm ripped out of socket" to deter kids like Kyle.
2. I suppose STAB never looks at who the student is or his pedigree or financial situation. Hey, UVa also has high graduation rates for its athlete/students. All brainiacs...the lot of them!
3. Was he really drafted in the 23rd round? Jeez, that's like the 600th pick or something. Shouldn't he be playing tee-ball in McIntire Park or something?

Anyway, our boy needn't worry. Hell, you can "STAB" a local resident to death on the Corner and--with a high-priced Philly lawyer--get a slap on the wrist. Hell, a .10 DUI should net him, gosh, a day with Otis of Mayberry?

Wonder what is blood alcohol level was when he first parked in the tow zone? Good thing he sobered up before getting back into the SUV and drove the wrong way on a one way. Maybe next time somebody will get hurt. Way to go Kyle! Im sure you have made Mummy and Daddy soo proud.

Mr/Mrs/Miss really, how in the world do you know Kyle was even drinking so much as a Pepsi when he parked in a tow-a-way zone?

Furthermore, when Kyle refused to take a Breathalyzer test at the scene of the traffic stop, he could have possibly been below 0.08% (legally drunk in Virginia). The refusal and delay in agreeing to take said Breathalyzer test could actually have caused him to be over 0.08% when he did take the test finally.

I know because I was with him and furthermore get a life.

Well, if I was the commonwealth attorney I would supoena records from The Hook so as to identify you, and then I would have a subpoena issued for you as well if Kyle decides to go to trial.

I doubt seriously that any friend of Kyle's that WAS with him would come to a public thread and say he was drunk.

It's just entertaining to talk about this because he's a former athlete. He looks a lot older than he is, so people don't mind criticizing him.

The Hook should start putting one of the Long's on every weekly cover. The Long family seems to generate a lot of interest. Interest=hits. Hits=advertising dollars.

He was drunk, and I have more bad news so was your mom.

Don't rattle Sick's cage too much or he might try to sue you. He needs to keep at least 3 lawsuits in the pipe at all times, ya know.

Speaking of lawsuits, did you see where the family of Bay Area Rapid Transit cops have been sued for $25 million in the wrongful death shooting of Oscar Grant. Now that rattles my cage, the nerve of the attorney representing the Grant family, it wasn't a wrongful death. It was a public execution! Wish I could be on the jury, I would give the family $100 MILLION. Might send a message to the cops that they can't keep killing and maiming people by shooting them in the back. Or running over them with cars like the South Carolina troopers were doing. Those morons were intentionally running over people while the dashcams recorded them joking and laughing about doing it, how stupid can cops possibly get? How long did they think they could get by with that foolishness? Bunch of racist cops running over black kids and laughing about it!! I would give those kids $5 million each if I could be on a few South Carolina juries.

IF ? he were not HOWIE LONGS son would he have gotten this much attention or would have been treated likr the average joe in the street ? no one hurt thats a good thing have another beer move on with your life!

I feel bad for the kid's parents, because no parent--no matter how rich or famous--aims to have their child end up in such a predicament. He should have gone to UVa, then he could have had a really high BAC, gotten off completely, and been able to wear those silly preppy clothes all the Wahoo Clones and Stepford Wive-to-Be get to wear. Now excuse me, I have a noon tee-time at Farmington with Biff, Todd and Wally.

Regardless, of who his father is the boy made poor choices and should have to pay through the nose. This family has given him all the perks that one could ever imagine and perhaps this is the reason of poor choices as he was never taught the REAL right from wrong....personally, I have no pitty for Kyle Long. No matter what the charge, his parents will PAY his way out!

Yeah, Never Went to a Game, and what's up with this look now:

Guys wearing blue jeans that are too long with flip flops. Now that is tacky and soooo UVA!

quote: "...the boy made poor choices and should have to pay through the nose."

Ohh, get off the MADD bandwagon! He'll pay the same penalty any other first time DUI offender his age would, if convicted.

And for all of the goody-goody-two-shoes newcomers to the area, it wasn't really that long ago that the judge Kyle would be going in front of came to court drunk every day. Which raises an interesting question. If MADD had existed back then, I wonder how they would have dealt with this situation?

Get a life. All of you.

Are you freaking kidding me? We need roads- build them. Historic golf course? How and why is it being considered "for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places"?

The only thing "historic" about that golf course is that I lost my virginity on the 4th hole... in 1971.

How bad does traffic have to get before people realize that these "opponents" are selfish people who think that no one but them should be able to live in Charlottesville and everbody else can go to hell?

Stand up to the "opponents" BEFORE we have the gridlock of Dc or LA.

What about the Vietnam Memorial there? Is that like one of the first Vietnam Memorials ever? will that be destroyed? Seems a shame.....

For those of you that don't know the history of McIntire Park and the golf course, the land for the park was donated to the city as a gift in 1926. In 1938 the golf course opened. Asking only for a $5 donation to play the 9-holes the course has often supported children and low-income golf enthusiasts. The plan for this road is actually 30+ years old and there is no evidence that it will help with current congestion. There are lots of alternatives to help ease the traffic on our downtown roads that don't go through the park. At some point we need to stop building roads and start thinking about better ways for us to get around the city. Improved bike lanes, more frequent trolley and bus transportation, etc. The fact is that you can only build so many roads before there's no green space left. The green space we have in Charlottesville is what makes it such a great place to live. If you like overpasses and lots of highways that "help" with congestion then move to Northern Virginia, they've got lots of roads up there...