Wedding video may doom alleged defrauder

Richmond businessman Edward Okun will stand trial in federal court in March on charges that his company, the now defunct 1040 Tax Group, defrauded 577 clients of $152 million, by pocketing their money for his personal use. In 2005, Okun, then 54, married Simone Bolani, then 27, just four months after Okun divorced his first wife, and now the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports prosecutors want to introduce video of the couple's $200,000 wedding as evidence. The feds say it's evidence of how Okun exaggerated to his clients (many of whom were guests at the wedding) of his supposed wealth. Included in the wedding's budget were a clip-on microphone so all could hear Okun at the wedding and the reception, as well as a miniature tuxedo and wedding dress, so the couple's pug and Pomeranian could match their owners.