Snap o' the day: Palestinian supporters turn out


A larger-than-usual group of protesters gathered in front of the U.S. District Court and on the four corners at Ridge and Water streets at noon January 10 to protest U.S. funding of Israel. Organized by the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice, the demonstration is part of a nationwide expression of dismay at Israeli attacks on Gaza, according to the CCPJ website.


Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice has now proved themselves fully misguided. "US and Israel Guilty of War Crimes"--? Pathetic.

Okay. So where were these "protesters" when Hamas was repeatedly launching rockets into Israel and Israel turned the other cheek without counter-attacking?

Feb 28, 2008: Hamas Rocket Kills Israeli

Mar 5, 2008: Hamas rockets bring Israeli city in range

There are clearly acts of terrorism that can be assigned to Hamas. Where was the CCPJ outrage then?

Oh - now I know. Protesting against Hamas would put them on the side of the American government, and that wouldn't look very good. There would be a lot of explaining to do.

CCPJ should be applauded along with the volunteers for their efforts. The protest was great: nearly 80 people came out with the majority being whites including a few Jews.

Cville residents need to know this is not a Muslim-Jewish conflict.
It is an occupation being carried out by a state which misuses the US $15 million a day, $6billion a year aid.

Please do not be ignorant.
Just read some newspapers outside of the country (including the Israeli Haaretz) not the Israeli controlled US media.

Ridiculous. Those Palestiniams have been bombing Israel for seven years and not a peep out of CCPJ.

"Student," you need to learn. Hamas and the Palestianians are engaging in terrorist acts. Read yourself up on some history. And then start sharing your "opinions." CCPJ should NOT be "applauded." They should be spanked. Just like you.

Any exercise of freedom of speech should be applauded. However, just to comment on the situation itself, Hamas is engagin in terrorist acts, but you also have to look at the massive civilian death rate. For every Israeli soldier killed, there are 10 Palestinian CIVILIANS killed. That is an atrocity... 10-1 SOLDIERS TO CIVILIANS... let's also not forget that Israel broke the Cease fire, NOT Hamas. Also, the US pushed for elections and Hamas won but the US doesn't recognize it. A lot of things to take into account before blaming one side or the other.

"...Hamas is engagin in terrorist acts..." and if they stop, Israel will stop bombing them. No, Israel did not break the cease fire. No one knows how many civilians have been killed because no official has been allowed to do a body count. Is a person who shields a combatant really a civilian? I think not. Face it, the people voted Hamas in in order to go to war with Israel. They are getting what they voted for and what their supporters are funding.

If your neighbor is heaving bricks into your yard where your children are playing, and won't stop, so you threaten to shoot him and he jumps behind his wife who gives you the finger, and he keeps throwing bricks and they are getting closer and closer to your kids do you shoot him through the wife or wait until he hits one of the kids and then shoot him through his wife?

If Hamas stops the rocket attacks FOR REAL then the world will make Israel back off of the border itimidation etc. Perhaps Iran should send investment money instead of rockets. Hamas needs no army as they have not been OFFENSIVELY attacked EVER. It matters not what the retibution is. A pitbull has only teeth and a bad attitude but I WILL respond with a gun. It is not the weapon of choice it is the INTENT of the attacker and Hamas WANTS TO KILL people and makes no bones about it. Screw em.

U.S. citizens voted for a second Bush term to keep up the "war against terrorism." (I'm taking a wild guess here and assuming Cville Eye is a citizen.) Can anyone who lets his family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen go off to an illegal war really be called a civilian? Seems to me that Cville Eye isn't then a civilain and is then a legitimate target for anyone who wishes to end the imperialistic assault on the rest of the world.

Israel wouldn't exist if it weren't for a lot of terrorist activity by its founding heros. Same for the U.S. What would Washington do? Jefferson?

Under today's rules, no war is legal.
Personally, I don't feel anyone who contributes to the war effort a civilian. My being a farmer feeding corn to the troops or corn oil to their trucks is no different than my putting on a uniform and driving the troops from place to place.
I suspect so much of the sympathy for the Palestiniams is due to the sympathizers' dislike of Bush and that's why any conversation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict always revolves him eventually. Try going back to the late 1940's when Bush was a child and the divisioning of the Middle East was controlled by the UN, Britain and the US.

BTW, what are you people going to do in 8 days when Bush vacates the White House?

Good thing our building is closed on Saturdays so we didn't have to deal with that crud. sheesh

Hamas strategically places its military targets around its own hospitals, schools, and civilians. Then, when Israel or anyone else takes any action against them, they use the inevitable civilian casualties to turn public opinion in their favor. And here CCPJ falls right in line as a volunteer PR machine for terrorist Hamas. I hate the fact than ANY innocent civilian is harmed, but the only alternative is to allow Hamas to wreak terror with no repercussions.

According to Hamas the only viable solution is for Israel to genocide it's own people, give the land to the Palistinians and then file in for a firing squad so hams can finish the deed.

perhaps the real solution is for isReal to

1) cease fire.
2) proclaim to the world that if one more rocket comes into isreal then Hams has 24 hours to denonce it and punish the perpetrators, or isreal will BLOW THE ENTIRE NATION OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH ONCE AND FOR ALL.
3) When the idiots that run hamas violate rule 2, see rule 2

Music Lover asks: "Okay. So where were these 'protesters' when Hamas was repeatedly launching rockets into Israel and Israel turned the other cheek without counter-attacking?"
They were out protesting something about Tibet, or whereever their "benefactors" send them.