Obama hires Landmark's decorator

Last March, Halsey Minor announced the interior of his nine-story Landmark Hotel was to be designed by Michael Smith, the Los Angeles-based designer-to-the-stars who has also worked on the homes of Steven Spielberg and Rupert Murdoch. Now, before Smith ever gets a crack at the unfinished Landmark, he'll be headed two hours north of Charlottesville. According to Domino magazine, Smith will be the new interior decorator for President-elect Barack Obama's White House.


We're in tought economic times. It would send a positive message if Barack hired Michelle Obama as the interior decorator.

It would be even cheaper if he hired a painting contractor and freshen the place up a little. The flood gates were opened with the $700B and everybody's at the trough. Of course, just decorating for Xmas has turned into a year-round project. The US will really be hurting if the world decides to change the monetary standard to some other currency and the dollar can not be printed without some kind of backing. Only a matter of time...

Cville Eye, lets not get ahead of ourselves.... that's more for a tribulation-oriented forum.

First and foremost, the WHITE HOUSE IS NOT OBAMA'S. The white house belongs to the tax payers of the USA and as for obama's choice of a decorator should be his and her selection and not open business for the public to comment on as there is always someone out there that wouldn't agree with the choice of Michael Smith.....Just because Smith was asked to decorate the phatom hotel....remainds to be seen. By the time his finishes with the White House, he'll be all tuckered out and ready for a vacation from work well done.....This Charlottesville Hotel is a project that most likely wil be finished maybe when Obama's term has ended!