Warner crosses the aisle for Obama's AG nominee

Even though he officially retired last Tuesday, former Senator and present Hook cover boy John Warner (R) is still making headlines with his bipartisan streak. Today, he reached across the aisle to testify on behalf of Eric Holder, President-elect Obama's nominee for Attorney General, before the Senate Judiciary Committee and called for his confirmation by the committee. Warner called Holder "a good man," and told his former colleagues, "I felt I wanted to be among those all across the nation who are working for a bipartisan approach to support the president-elect."


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Senator John Warner, who procured the federal interchange funds, was told by a delegation of pro-parkway officials that there was a ââ?¬Å?broad consensus” for the Meadow Creek Parkway. Charlottesville’s public hearing minutes show nearly the opposite to be true. Over 2/3 of the citizens who commented at these hearings opposed moving forward with the parkway.
Regarding the constitutionally of the transfer of rights to Charlottesville’s land needed for the Parkway, UVA law professor A. E. Dick Howard, who helped amend the VA Constitution, wrote in a letter to the Daily Progress that: "Serious constitutional doubts exist about the proposal that Charlottesville City Council convey an easement for construction of the Meadow Creek Parkway. The Constitution of Virginia requires a supermajority for council to convey parkland to another individual or entity. That requirement should not be evaded or circumvented by a device such as an easement.”

The consent of the three city councilors who did vote to grant easements across the Charlottesville-owned property in Albemarle County was made contingent (among other conditions) upon VDOT’s agreement: ââ?¬Å?That no part of the Meadow Creek Parkway project (i.e., the Albemarle County Meadow Creek Parkway section, the City McIntire Road Extended section, or the Interchange/Intersection project at the 250 Bypass and McIntire) will be open for public use until the entire project is complete and ready for opening”.

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Is there anything I can do to stop the bowel seepage? I usually have to wipe my behind twice a day. I have taken anti-diarrhea medicine, but it does not help. I am a male age 56.

Not to be gross, but, the "anal sex" social engineering trend that is being heavily promoted by those powers-that-be is also a major contributor of anal incontinence, from what I gather. I read something online from a guy who works in a nursing home talking about old gay men and the major anal incontinence problem they experience, and I don't say this to be facetious, or to make fun of anybody. But people should keep that in mind when they're experimenting and/or falling for the social engineering agenda - think about what's going to happen to your colon/anus area when you're old, after years of anal sex. It isn't pretty apparently. NOT worth it.

Social engineering agenda? You mean NPR? or Fox?

^^^ All forms of media, but especially porn. It never used to be a normal thing to do in sex, now it is, and is very heavily promoted. It's to the point where it's replacing normal sex. But not only is it not safe, it's also bad for your body. That area is not meant for that sort of activity. So if people abuse themselves in such ways, all because they're following along with the programming, then guess what they can expect down the line. Adult diapers and incontinence accidents will be a regular part of their routine.