Trees On Fire: Organically Grown

"Where do we go from here?" asks "Birds and the Bees," the third track from Trees On Fire's latest EP. It's an appropriate question for the local brainiac-rockers. The quintet followed up their ambitious 2007 debut EP The Green Room with efforts to uphold a green existence: selling organic t-shirts and raising awareness of environmental issues through their concerts. But the band is more than just a mouthpiece for the growing green movement: they're also artists who are inspired by it.

"We all play real instruments, but all also like the music that exists in computers," says bassist Brian Wahl of the "Organica" concept. "Music that's not as tangible, but still valid."

Presenting Organica as a multiple-part EP rather than a larger album brings a sense of expansion and endurance as the band continues to explore the organic-electric mix. "The idea is to put out multiple releases, bite sized chunks of the 'Organica' concept," says Wahl.

While The Green Room presented a more funky, "jolting" sound, according to Wahl, Organica is a more steady, stable release. The EP continues to play with dance rhythms, but smoothly comes together as a single concept rather than a compilation of quirk.

"We hope it comes across as a natural, easy kind of sound with the "-ica" coming from the electronic quality," explains Wahl. "We want to do what's not really possible for humans to do without a computer."

The band hopes Organica will impress when they exhibit their new sound for the first time in front of audiences Saturday night. "It's the first time we've performed this material anywhere," says Wahl. "We'll have some tricks up our sleeve."

Don't expect them to show all their cards at once, though – the band is heading back into the studio to start working on Organica: Volume Two the day after the release party.

Trees On Fire host a release party for Organica: Volume One at Gravity Lounge on Saturday, January 24. 8pm, $10.