Flashback: Obama in Charlottesville

If you missed it when he came to town or if you just want to re-live it, take a look back at the Hook's coverage of then-Senator Barack Obama's visit to the Charlottesville Pavilion on October 30, 2007. Before a crowd of over 5,000 paying audience members (then a record for the Obama campaign), Obama spoke of the vision for the nation he now hopes to make a reality as the 44th President of the United States, and the Hook captured all the sights and sounds of the evening. You can also stream and download Obama's full speech from that evening from Charlottesville Podcasting Network.
–file photo by Tom Daly


Didn't they name a street here for him....Barack's Road?

baRRacks road - 1779: Four thousand English and German prisoners of the Revolutionary War are imprisoned in barracks in Charlottesville, hence the name "Barracks Road" and various local "Hessian" references.

They should change it to Barack's road and have "Hussein" references.

Were those Hessians related at all to the Hess family who ran department stores in the northeast? Does anyone know when Charlottesville City Council will get around to making the little bridge over the creek in McIntire Park the "Ted Kennedy Memorial Bridge" and open it up to vehicle traffic?

I love history!

we had quite a funny argument about what happened in this film n i would just like to say that i am right about it all.

you tell me ........
is he still a barber after he comes out of prison??

Alan Rickman played a delightfully heroic and romantic role in "Sense and Sensibility".