Big Read event: Lecture by UVA English professor Lisa Woolfork

"The Place of Their Eyes Were Watching God in the African American Literary Tradition." Lecture by UVA English professor Lisa Woolfork on the power of this novel, and where it fits into a larger literary tradition. UVA Special Collection Library - 7:00 pm


Someone needs to say something about this! IS THIS LEGAL? No wonder why we have the subprime mess we have when lenders USE FAKE DOCUMENTATION to help PUSH the loan through Quickly SO THAT EVERYONE DOWN THE FOOD CHAIN (from loan processor to the loan officer to the actual lender) can make the commissions they "WERE" making during the booming 90's!!! Now we are BAILING OUT THESE CROOKS....SOUNDS LIKE the good ol' 1980's Savings and Loan BAILOUT DAYS to me! see it with YOUR OWN EYES!

These businesses are terrible for doing this to people, and I think the local governments should stand up against them.

But what's really distressing to me is that people would willingly sign up for loans like this. People really should take the time to learn a little about financing before signing up for things like that. Go to the library, free books to consult and free Internet access. Learn a little and you'll save a LOT of money.