Big Read event: See the film Zora's Roots: the Life of Zora Neale Hurston.

 Central Library Documentary Film Series will show the film Zora's Roots: the Life of Zora Neale Hurston. - 7:00 pm


Makin' the copies!!!
Mr. McNair- Very fine piece, the nature of change. I wish you'd provide a link or photos if you have them to the unexpected bulldozer story, the bulldozer that knocked down the building in the background of the CHO Office machines photo, without a demo permit. Ask Hawes, he remembers everything!

If you want to see the whole set, and some additional ones I took around the downtown mall a year later, you can find them here:

(Forgive the sluggish response of my poor little overtaxed web server...)


What amazes me is how many details I recalled when my memory was jogged by this photo essay. Thanks for sharing a wonderful reminder of our collective past.

Photographs of Main Street taken by John Shepherd ca. 1976 (from the ACHS website)

Very well done. It brings back many youthful memories such as Saturday stroll from Sears to Ben Franklin.

In the set titled "Time's Sentry", only the right-hand side of the old gas station was lost. A second story was later added.

With more changes planned for West Main, now is the time to take another series of photos.