Big Read event: BIG READ film, starring Halle Berry

 Northside Library will show the 2005 made for TV film of THE BIG READ book. Starring Halle Berry. - 2:00 pm


There are almost a dozen books which underline Salzman's point that America's affluence is too much of a good thing. The Simplicity Movement itself is based on the concept.

Most general interest media, however, who survive through selling ads to marketers who want to convince us we need things, shy away from this kind of a subject.

So, congratulations to the Hook.

All this will forcefully change with the advent of Peak Oil and Global Warming. Wise humans are now simplifying their lives before the multiple crises hit. Those who count on scientific miracles to solve all problems feel no need to adapt and thus will suffer the most. Oh, that prophets like Randy Salzman could be heard on national media.

Nice post. I'd only add this: whatever happened to recycling? It bugs me to see the junk that is piling up in my basement; but in another day and time it was normal to reuse as much as possible. Remember that jar of old screws and nails on Grandpa's workbench? Or the stack of old-anything in the garage? Sure, sometimes things are truly used up--but often we toss perfectly working things just because they're old.

It's too bad that we spend so much on items that simply do not last. Chipboard furniture, thin cotton clothes with statements that won't mean anything in a few weeks, the list goes on.