Big Read event: Lecture by prof Hilary Holladay

Northside Library lecture: "The Life and Tumultuous Times of Zora Neale Hurston" by Hilary Holladay, Professor of English at the Univ of Mass (Lowell), and the author of three books on African American literature. - 2:00 pm


I have invented temperature sensing outlets that will prevent outlets from overheating. We just received U.L. Listing and It will be coming out on the market shortly.

Most of the fires are caused by a Glowing Connections.If you want to know more give a yell.

Bob Kopelman
516 509-4000

ARC fault circut (not ground fault) breakers are a GREAT solution. When a connection "breaks" inside an outlet or at a conncection the "spark" creates a voltage spike that trips the breaker. They can be installed for less than 100 per circut and done in one day. This is a very viable upgrade for older houses with suspect wiring.