Big Read event: Linda Blum discusses setting of Hurston's story

"Everglades: Splendid River of Grass or Useless Alligator-infested Backwater?" Linda Blum, UVA Dept of Environmental Science, discusses the history behind this beautiful backdrop to Their Eyes Were Watching God at the Scottsville Library. - 7:00 pm


As a voter in the Ohio-10th District , supposedly represented by Kucinich , I can say first hand he : WAS a joke as the boy wonder nearly recalled x-mayor of Cleveland , IS a joke as the Do Nothing Rep ( 1 djk sole sponsor bill passed in his on-going 11 year "reign" ) who has been able to lead NE Ohio to the title as poorest major city in the USA 2 of past 4 years , and WILL continue to be a Joke until come 2010 the 10th district is eliminated as per the 2000 Census .

His most recent actions asking for a recount in NH after drawing 1.4 % of the voter and his "Let me In , Let me in " denied ploy in Nevada while refusing to debate any local opponents for past 6 years speaks for itself .

Look to his accomplishments or lack thereof not his mouth . The man has been , is and will be a clown until the UFOs relocate him back to Shirley MacClaines ranch from which he returned some 16 years ago .

Go Wahoos ( classes of 1969 and 1972 )

Kucinich is an intelligent, wonderful public servant who serves well. That is why he has been re-elected SO MANY times as Congressman! He saved the electric municipalities in Cleveland and WAS HONORED by the city council for saving the common folk thousands of dollars in refusing to sell out!

His progessive voice is an important part of the Democratic Party and I'm glad he is in the race! It isn't just about winning. It is about bringing the issues to the table.

Real non-profit universal healthcare, ending the stupid occupation of Iraq, promoting GLBT equality and fair trade, supporting workers' rights and standing up for the poor and oppressed.....he's about social justice and creating a more equitable society! Of the Dems, he is the one most in tune with the people and mainstream concerns, like jobs!

Unlike the other candidates who are bought by the drug/healthcare companies and big business, Kucinich sincerely has "no strings attached" and I like the idea of a Dept. of Peace. He's a real humanitarian with bright ideas.

He really cares about America and I love him! Just about everyone has seen an object in the sky they can't identity. With imagination, one could picture a UFO right now carrying the Bush Administration out of the White House!

Kucinich Rocks! Go Dennis!

Kucinich is public hero #1, which puts him at the top of the hit list for GE, Lockheed Martin, Ganette, etc. These companies lose hundreds of billions of dollars if he's elected. The people of this country get universal healthcare, universal education, no more war as instrument of policy, media reform, etc.

Don't buy the hype. It is manufactured to destroy not only Dennis Kucinich, but to destroy what remains of our determination that this country belongs to the public. Private interests don't like America the Free! They want America the sold! Wake up people. The only thing crazier then how this sounds is the fact that its REAL! We DO NOT LIVE in the AMERICA that we grew up believing in. Our best chance at salvaging what is left is Kucinich. The whole 'change' thing the 'top three' are beating their drums about started with Kucinich. He is the real deal. Don't buy the lies. Wake up!