John Tesh

After getting his start playing keys for Yanni, John Tesh shocked the celebrity gossip world (well, it's all relative) in the mid-90's by abandoning his post as one of Entertainment Tonight's lead anchors in order to focus on his music, eventually turning himself into a highly successful new age composer, the butt of many a Conan O'Brien joke, and the perfect candidate for a MLK-PAC show.

(Also of note: the $125 VIP package is called "Total Tesh." You don't even need a punch line for that one.)


This video just blew my mind. The tape, of course, but also the basketball count-in, the arm spasm at 2:27, and hamming it up for the camera at 3:25.

Biggest shortfall: Let us see how school admin save their butts at the expense of instruction to the students. A tactful move to get parents to ask for tax increases rather than face the bitter medicine of actually reducing an overbloated high salary admin staff. How many coordinators does a school system need anyway? And that IB program is a must-have!