Rapidan bridge may honor fallen heroes

The bridge carrying Route 29 over the Rapidan River between the counties of Greene and Madison may soon be renamed if a bill advanced by Delegate Rob Bell continues to advance in the General Assembly. According to a release from Bell's office, HB 2401 would name the bridge "the “Fallen Heroes Memorial Bridge in Honor of Adam J. Fargo and Edwin A. Andino.” The two men, from Greene and Madison, respectively, were separately killed in Iraq in 2006. (Correction: bridge location wrong in original.)


Unless VDOT has been very busy, the Route 29 bridge crosses the Rapidan between Greene County and Madison County.

It is good to see out politicians wasting money we don't have.

How about passing a law that says teachers actually have to teach students what a frikin war here is instead of letting them bad mouth the military at every turn.