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I also own an Excursion. I drive it to work and back every day. I also get remarks about my Huge gas guzzler. I just tell them to look at the van my wife was driving when a driver in oncoming traffic pushed cement dividers over into her path and destroyed the van the whole left side was riped out from the drivers door to the back the only thing holding the rear axle on was the right shock and e-brake cable.

I drive a diesel Excursion and burn only biodiesel. I get 21 miles to the gallon on the highway and get better gas milage than I did with my smaller SUV. I support American Farmers by driving my Excursion, I feel safer with my family, I get better gas milage and I can tow my trailer on my monthly trips for work. My diesel Excursion also gives off very little emissions due to the new low emissions diesel fuel. My Excursion is a certified Low emission vehicle. It emits 50 percent fewer smog-forming hydrocarbon emissions than allowed by the U.S. Govt. The Excursion is 83 % recyclable by weight and it is manufactured with extensive use of recycled material.

I drive a 02 Excursion and love it. Also a Police officer, I too have seen many accidents involving small vehicles with bad outcomes. Second, this is probably coming from a lady who drives a foreign car that id putting americans out of work(just guessing). Drive the excursion, I will cause I know my family will be better off.

Pretty strange timing with this story mentioning Greene County and carnage on the highway.


February 16, 2008

A two vehicle accident along Route 29, in Greene County, Saturday afternoon resulted in the death of a Gordonsville woman.

Police say 36 year-old Anisa Delaney was trying to cross Route 29 in Ruckersville when she was hit by a driver headed southbound.

The accident temporarily shut down the southbound lanes and had traffic backed up on Route 29 for more than an hour.

Delaney was pronounced dead on the scene.

The man who hit her, 57 year-old William Batten of Hood, Virginia, was taken to UVA Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say he had the right of way.

I to drive an excursion and love it!!!! How else would I haul 6 kids 2 dogs 700lbs of stuff and a 34ft travel trailer. We don't have the luxury of flying everywhere for our family vacations so I do what I have to do. And as far as safety for my family it is number one. And I will admit I also have a Kia Spectra but not exactly legal to have kids on kids laps.

my V10 Excursion ( 10 yes that's right) gets better mileage than almost all the V8 trucks and SUV's out there. It also will tow up to 12000 pounds. I traded a 7mpg motorhome for this suv and a traler, and doubled my mileage while traveling.

Alan, me thinks you have been smoking some good stuff today! :)

Ford historically has the worst engines out there for gas mileage. And the V10 is right at the top of the list. And while towing 11,000 pounds (Ford's maximum rating for the Excursion), you would be lucky to get 6 miles per gallon.

Well... 5 kids here (teanagers) and hotels are not good for us. I bought my 30 foot travel trailer for $20K and Baheamoth Excursion for $18K together the same day! Our family is safe, and we have a great time !!! Priceless.
The huge vehicle is definatly GREEN with Gas $$$ but who cares? Life is priceless, so enjoy it. We have been all over the northeast with the teanagers, and that is better than leaving them home alone in the neighborhood.
The Excursion makes this all possible, and makes a nice winter weather vehicle.
Nuff said.
George NY.

We love our 02 Excursion. We have 6 kids, 15 chickens, 3 rabbits, 3 cats, 1 horse and 1 dog and a humongous diesel bill. We were wondering about bio-deisel. Where and how did Jim G. retrofit his vehicle?

It's all well and good when someone puts a truck like that to good use..towing, hauling, family trips, etc. However this guy seems just like the other 95% of large SUV owners..he thinks it's a status symbol and is pompus about it (see his admitting that driving it is audacious, and his flaunting of the "letter combos." They hardly ever even have any passengers with them, nevermind any sort of cargo or trailer. He looks pretty short too, which is another common trait of the SUV owners who are simply keeping up with the Joneses.


Talk about pompus...I drive an Excursion...OMG a V10 one at that...

I tow a 9000# travel trailer that goes 35 feet long from hitch to bumper

I do not ALWAYS have the trailer behind me but I travel much more than 60% of my yearly miles towing.

I NEED a LARGE truck to pull my trailer...but when you see have no freaking idea WHY I drive my Excursion...but you ASSume that YOU do...

So I take exception to your pompus assumption that I drive my Excursion as a status symbol...

BTW...I know you will say I simply fit into the other 5% of the population...and that may be true...but your assertion that I'm keeping up with the Joneses is preposterous

The guy looks sorta fat and lazy. Probably ate too many free donuts and coffee in his career. Or probably went to Arbys to get the police special every day, free food. Or maybe both, free donuts and free roast beef. :)

But short? A 4X4 Excursion is 80.4 inches tall in stock configuration. Remember now FOP1, the Excursion is the biggest baddest and boldest SUV on the American roadways. The top of his head is even with the 80.4 inches. Deduct the 4 inch curb of the sidewalk and an inch or two for the boots, and he's still 72.4 or 73.4 inches tall.

And I would think a status symbol nowadays is hopping in a Toyota Prius or Smart car.

Too bad The Hook doesn't do the My Ride articles any longer. They could feature his daughter's new SUV if they did. She's not a tree hugger either.

Sick....Isn't that you?

No. Personally, I think it's one of two people, an ex cop up in Pennsylvania that I have a lible judgement against. Plus interest until paid. Or a capital buildings and grounds security guard up in DC.

But I don't know who it is.... right now. It will be right much fun now that they have hunted me down on the Internet again. :)

I'm one of the 95% that drive a big truck just to drive a big truck. Well, I do use it to tow my race car around, but that could be done with a smaller vehicle honestly. I got the truck because of the soldie front axle and very heavy duty drivetrain that will hold up to the big lift kit and big tires I plan to add soon. SO I guess I'm that big bad monster you all keep crying about. Guess what? I LOVE IT! I think its hillarious that the tree huggers get all upset when they see my truck. My brother drives a prius actually, so I am just evening out my familys carbon emissions load I guess lol.

P.S. My Camaro, my Cutlass, and my Impala SS all have the catalytic ocnverters removed and big lumpy camshafts burping out unburned fuel into the air. May god have mercy on my soul!

P.P.S. I cant wait for the next Carbon Belch day!!!!

Have fun getting upset at me now...

Big Guy, if my 45 foot Prevost camper ever breaks down, I might get an Excursion to tow it into the nearest repair facility. :)

I Drive a ford excurison to and i love it i dont think about the gas mileage yea it might get 11 in the city and about 15 on (v10)the highway but you cain beat the room on long trips and in the winter time i love it when i pull a chevy or a dodge out of the snow

Now gas is $1.77 On Long Island. So now who cares about the gas prices? This is America, drive what you want, like or can afford.
I also want NO $$$ BAILOUTS for any one. If you got in to deep, learn to swim or drown. If the car makers fail, then let them drop their prices to be competitive. The US workers will have to get what Japan workers get. It's a Global economy now so now the playing field is leveling across the pond. Maybe Toyota will make an SUV bigger than the Excursion... If so I'll buy it. Till then, Excursions rule the road!
Happy Holidays.

If aybody makes a SUV as big or bigger than an Excursion, there's tens of thousands of people still interested in buying one. Myself included. The tree huggers will simply have to look the other way as I approach if the vehicle offends them in any way.

I had to go to Home Depot to pick up something last night. While in Waynesboro, I filled up at 1.349 a gallon. I had forgotten the feeling of filling up for less than $60.00 a tank.

Wow! That's a big truck. Clearly this dude is compensating for a "shortcoming" of some sort!

Had a victory celebration/picnic last Sunday after a local election. Something that large sure does come in handy to carry 50 pounds of charcoal, 300 pounds of ice, a large keg of beer, a large tub to ice the keg down in, 5 cases of soda, and 6 or 7 bags of the other assorted groceries. Can you imagine trying to fit all of that into some of these little foreign cars and trucks?

With all the money that I routinely save by not driving ridiculous gas hogs like that, I can easily afford to have that load and more delivered.

Make a list, invite me, and I will deliver free.

This will save you even more money. :)

If that's you in that picture, looks like you're going to cost me a pile of burgers and a load of potato salad at the very least. I'll take your offer into consideration though.

I think it's safe to assume it will cost you 2 hamburgers, maybe 2 hot dogs, some baked beans, a little potato salad, a few pickles and maybe 4 or 5 beers. I'm not into grilled BBQ chicken like some of the girls insisted on fixing last weekend. That stuff was nasty!

If you plan on doing any type of dessert, the girls picked up some Sara Lee Boston Creme Pies up last weekend. They were good!

The king of SUV is a great way for me to haul the girl's softball team and all gear for which there is no replacement for. Bring it back so I can buy a new "gas sucking pig". Just park your tiny little hybreed in front of me a I will walk right over it. Gotta just hate those tree huggers.

Excursions are pretty neat vehicles. They actually can carry eight big adults no problem. Oh, and plus their stuff in the back. And a trailer carrying more tools, luggage, and so on.

How about putting sheets of plywood or 2x4's inside? Works for that.

Really kind of depends on the kind of work you do. If you only carry a few bags of food out from shopping every few days, then you'll need to make more trips with a smaller vehicle. Or you can make one trip to multiple locations and get everything while doing all the errands with the whole family every couple weeks.

Them thar tree huggers.... when they hit a tree with their little foreign cars and trucks, they usually can't walk away like Excursion drivers can.

Love my Excursion would not trade it for anything, it tow's my travel trailer like it's not even there, lets see them there high-birds do that.

Wait until all these tree huggers start replacing the battery packs in their High Bird vehicles. Anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. Even at 7 or 8 miles per gallon, that High Bird repair alone will buy me gas for 3 or 4 years.

I drive an Excursion so I don't think about MPG's but it's what I want to drive and don't care what anybody thinks and yes it's a V-10

Until a way is found to extract nickel from ore that doesn't consume mass quantities of electricity. Gas/diesel cars will actually consume less fuel over the life of the vehicle.

I love my Excursion does everything I need it to do and more just wish I could buy a new one and the V10 is a power plant that just wont die

If Ford still manufactured the Excursion, I would be sitting here waiting for my new 2009 or 2010 model to come in on the delivery truck. I'm just not ready to give in and buy a new Suburban or Yukon XL yet. The Suburban and Yukon XL seem awful small after driving an Excursion. And of course the biggest engine you can get in a Suburban or Yukon XL is a V-8. I compare that to buying a Lincoln Town Car with a 4 cylinder engine.

I'm actually thinking about buying a 2nd Excursion right now. The Limited and Eddie Bauer models are both hard to find with low mileage now. But I did find a 2005 4X4 Limited model in Texas with extremely low mileage. The seller claims his wife drove it to the hair shop, grocery shopping and country club occasionally. I'm gonna have to make my mind up within the next few days before somebody else snatches it out from under me.

I have a 2005 4X4 Turbo-Diesel Excursion.

I Haul my family of seven, my boat and my sailplane behind it.

It does that and goes anywhere on or off road in any weather getting 16+ mpg and has
a 50 gallon gas tank that is really handy
in remote places and Baja.

Also it is Green.

No Complaints, other than going to be hard to replace, and is already 5 years old now.

It's all about safety and comfort to me.

Until you have personally viewed a twisted mangled dead body in a Toyota Corolla that was hit headon by a drunk driver in a much larger vehicle, don't preach to me about being wasteful. You're wasting your time.

Sick, most anyone who's been reading articles on this website knows you are so certain of your omniscience that even attempting to ask you to reconsider your views is pointless.

Pointless indeed!!!!!!!!

Excursion is a real SUV

With all them there batteries in them there high-breeds they are a real toxic waste death coffin, just close the door and the coffin is nail shut

Correct, Mr/Mrs/Miss Tree Hugger.

True story....

March 22, 2009 - 3:54pm

Culpeper, Virginia -- Four people are dead after a head-on-crash in Culpeper County Sunday.

A man driving a Chevy Tahoe was traveling in the wrong lane on Route 3 east of Culpeper, when he hit a Toyota Corolla around 3 a.m.

The driver of the Tahoe was taken to a local hospital.

Four passengers inside the Corolla were killed in the accident. Only one passenger in the Corolla survived the crash and he was taken to the hospital. His condition has not been released at press time.

Virginia State Police tell WTOP that alcohol may have played a role in the accident for both drivers.


Now replace Toyota Corolla with the word Excursion:

March 22, 2009 - 3:54pm

Culpepr, Virginia -- Two people were slightly injured after a head-on-crash in Culpeper County Sunday.

A man driving a Chevy Tahoe was traveling in the wrong lane on Route 3 east of Culpeper, when he hit a Ford Excursion around 3 a.m.

The driver of the Tahoe and one passenger in the Excursion were taken to a local hospital.

Four passengers inside the Excursion received no injuries.

Police have not released any information on the conditions of those injured, although they did say they were not life threatening injuries.

Virginia State Police tell WTOP that alcohol may have played a role in the accident for both drivers.

Wow from reading here seems more are for the Excursion then against, tree huggers are out numbered, Excursion Rocks

Drinks Gas, if you recall, the Excursion was marketed by Ford as the biggest SUV ever manufactured. Well, it was and still is the biggest SUV ever manufactured by any auto maker of course. But this marketing strategy used by Ford made the Excursion an instant target by the tree huggers.

I don't see what the big deal was myself when the tree huggers went berserk. I am happy at 8 miles per gallon with the Excursion's V-10 engine. I have a Ford Crown Victoria (V8) that only gets 10 miles per gallon in city driving. My daughter has a new Ford Explorer (V8) that only gets 11 miles per gallon. I don't even know what gas mileage my Cadillac gets, never checked it, don't care.

It's time to round up all the communist tree-hugging nutcases and put them all in interment camps. I own two excursions and I love them like I love my WIFE!! I'm sick and TIRED of having communists tell me what to do. I DON'T care how many countries our CHRISTIAN nation has to invade, rape, or WHATEVER it takes to give me my gas. If GOD didn't want us to burn it, He wouldn't of MADE IT!!!

That was hilarious Dan.

Funny, this comments board goes empty for 5 months and then, BAM, a boatload of pro-SUV comments all at once. Hmm. Methinks someone's trying to be clever using a bunch of aliases to hijack this thread. And despite his protests to the contrary, methinks that same person uses his big truck to compensate for his other tiny, shall we say, "vehicle?"

Why are so paranoid? The Hook can determine if I am submitting replies with dozens of user names. And be advised, paranoia is a very debilitating disease.

You are right about the thread going dormant though. Then all of a sudden, somebody kick starts it with a "tiny tool" implication. :)

The truth of the matter most likely.... I think somebody is extremely upset over the Democratic nomination results last Saturday, and that somebody seeks revenge in the form of an insult to the person they think had a lot to do with the final results.

Another truth of the matter Mr/Mrs/Miss Paranoid is the fact the people posting here this weekend are friends of mine from a FORD forum. I told 'em to jump on over and defend the largest SUV ever manufactured. We, as Excursion drivers, really don't care what people think of our driving Excursions.

By the way, I think James Brown will make an excellent sheriff. We didn't need one of the "good ole boys" running the place. Even the Democrats are getting sick and tired of the "gool ole boy" system. :)

Steve- you thinking that you altered the outcome of the election is beyond laughable, but you go on claiming whatever makes you feel like A Big Man.

The people have spoken. They're tired of cronyism and Taliaferro's do-nothing ways. Baird lost because he's one of the worst debaters ever seen in Charlottesville, and because both Phil and James Brown were far superior candidates. And here's the ironic part-- the candidates that won, did so in part because of their "tree-hugging" ways.

Oversized vehicles are, in fact, seen as compensating for lack of status and penis size, and are seen as the vehicle of choice for the very same "good ol' boys" you're decrying above.

Excursion owner and proud of it, just wish Ford continued to manufacture them instead of caving in and being pressured by the treehuggers and there lobbying efforts in Washington.

So they will have to pry my dead fingers from my steering wheel before I give up my V10 8MPG Fossil Fuel Sucking mod of transportation.

OH, I almost forgot it also tows my 7000 lb V8 215HP Fossil Fuel Sucking boat too.

Long Live the Ford Excursion

BS Detector, I don't think. I know. :)

The only thing I do not precisely know is how many of the 70 votes Baird actually lost by that can be attributed to my best efforts of the last several months.

Here's another free clue too -- I helped Baird become a "worst debater" (your words) by asking some pretty tough questions at the May 6 Q&A forum. Many think Baird fell flat on his face in attempting to answer the questions, while they also felt Phillip Brown and James Brown both did an excellent job answering the questions. You won't find many people who will disagree with this analysis, Thank You. :)

And of course the story The Hook did on Baird's lawsuit the day before the nomination process probably didn't help a lot as well. I've already gotten the blame for the timing in this story being published. Based on my getting the blame, I guess the votes this cost Baird are attributable to me too, eh?

I don't think cronyism was as big an issue with Baird as nepotism was. A lot of folks I spoke with didn't realize Baird was hired by his father, and promoted during his father's administration as sheriff. Did learning these simple facts cost Baird any votes? I think so.

Let there be no mistake, I encouraged everybody I knew to vote Phillip Brown as their 1st choice and James Brown as their 2nd choice. I have no reason to believe that a lot of the people I spoke with didn't vote in this manner. It's apparent now that the 2nd choice votes for James Brown actually kept him well ahead of Baird in the instant runoff when he got credit for those votes. I think I get credit for some of those too.

Ya see, this is America. I can vote for the candidate of my choice. And I can encourage my friends and family to do the same. And I did.

As far as James Brown and his tree hugging expertise you speak of, I agree with him. We don't need deputy sheriffs in the city driving around in 10 mpg Crown Victorias to serve civil process door to door.

And you're wrong again, knowing Baird and Taliaferro as well as I do, neither of them drive anything closely similar to the gas hog oversized vehicles we're discussing.

As a matter of fact, I summed up Baird's loss when somebody accused me of singlehandedly causing it. Here it is:

May 13, 2009

Nope. I think the credit should go to various assorted reasons, there is no “single-handedly” involved:

1- The voters who listed Phillip Brown as their #1 choice for the nomination and James Brown as their #2 choice. Once Baird and James Brown neither had a majority vote, it came down to an instant runoff ballot. Baird got the votes of Phillip Brown that listed Baird as their #2 choice. And James Brown got Phillip’s votes that listed James Brown as their #2 choice. This instant runoff pushed James Brown well ahead of Baird.

2- A lot of voters I spoke with didn’t approve of the appearance of Baird hitching his horse to the back of Taliaferro’s wagon for a free ride into office. I hadn’t really paid much attention to it. But it seems other people had.

3- If true, the rumor that the Norris-Szakos team was secretly supporting James Brown. A rumor is worth what you pay for it, nothing. But the end result was indeed “Norris, Szakos, and James Brown.”

4- Baird’s past history. Namely, being hired by his father. And being promoted during his father’s administration as sheriff. Had more of my friends and family actually lived in the City of Charlottesville and been able to vote in the caucus, I suspect James Brown would have ended up with about 1,000 votes in total.

5- The Hook has been collecting information, conducting interviews, and preparing to do a long story on the lawsuit mentioned above (and other defendants involved) for at least 18 months, the story to be done at the conclusion of all the lawsuits is my understanding. For whatever reason, The Hook decided to do a short clip on Baird just a day before the Democratic caucus was to take place. If this was damaging to Baird, I had no control over it. Their information was given to them and interviews granted a long time ago. Long before the Baird settled the lawsuit that was filed against him.

6- Baird’s absolute refusal to appear on the Rob Shilling show. The other two candidates had no problem taking the time to appear and discuss their campaign platforms.

7- Baird’s poor performance at the May 6 Q&A forum presented by the local Democratic Party. It seems some people felt he was getting too defensive and offering up feeble excuses instead of constructive answers. At one point Baird blamed everything on lack of manpower. In the next breathe he said he had a vacant deputy position and the funds to hire more staff, but hadn’t done so. He couldn’t have it both ways.

If each of these reasons didn’t cost Baird but 10 votes each, it was enough to allow James Brown to win the Democratic nomination.

I love it when poor people try and make you feel bad because you can afford to drive a gas guzzler or build a nice home. Losers.

ucannotafford, when gas or diesel goes up to $6.00 or $8.00 a gallon, us Excursion drivers are going to be some of those poor people!! :)

To hell with the Hippies who hate this country. I did three tours in a god d-mn dessert so their worhtless *sses could tell me how to live my life? no I didn't. We fight for freedom, but there wasting it with there breath. Move if you don't like America. I found this blog searching for a second Ford Excursion. I have a trailor that I need because I have a job somehting the freeloader treehugging hippies don't. ucannotafford your right. They don't have moeny so they hate us. I wish I was a deputy I would knock some of teh drug user freaks around myslef.

It starts with "excurssion" and goes downhill from there. Oh jeepers, the guy can't even spell the name of his own vehicle, and he wants to be a deputy so he can knock people around.

My family fought with distinction in every war in this nation's history, but none of them were gas-guzzler driving dopes.

Sure pal, you're a shining representation of American freedom. One thing is evident-- you're certainly free of coherent logic!

i can guarantee you this, if you wish you were a deputy, then you have no money. no real money anyway. lets face the facts, unless you are making 200k or above, you aren't making real money. even 200k is not that much, when you consider, retiring, college, schools, healthcare, house, cars for you and some kids, insurance.

plus, people who cant spell dont make money.

Thanks for your service Excursion Owner. Don't pay any attention to the IDIOTS who post here. It's time for people like you and me to say WE HATE THIS COUNTRY! I love AMERICA, not what Obama and his cult turned it into. IF I want to drive MY car, then its MINE. Stay out of my BUSINESS! A real PATRIOT hates this country I'm sure YOU know. I hope we can take it back but we need to get rid of people who don't know waht AMERICA is supposed to be. God help us! The police and people like you who FOUGHT for this country need to help us put the LOSERS somewhere they can't make their stupid noise anymore.

BS Detector and enrique, did it ever occur to either of you that "excurssion" was a typo on the author's behalf? Excursion was spelled correctly in the text of the author's reply above.

And erique, has anybody ever explained to you exactly what the shift key does on the keyboard? It allows you to capitalize the first letter in the first word of each new sentence.

OK, I now return you to the greatest show on this channel for the last six months -- "Excursion, the biggest SUV ever manufactured".

Fixed. Now do you morans wan't to talk about whats right and stop calling names with spelling? Youre pathetic. I have more money than you do and youre jealous. Simple as that. Call me what you want, but I know! I bought my first EXCURSION (spelled right isn't it) to make my wife comfortible she didn't fit my Ranger any more. The good man in teh picture knows. Friens who know say other so called American cars aren't american anymore so I buy the biggest America car I can get the EXCURSION.

ANd I can pull my mowers wiht the trailor behind. I don't want someone who can't work telling me to sell it and not work to feed my iwfe and me. Patriot Dan is right if yuo love America now you hate it!

This all makes me want to go buy something Japanese made just out of principle. Interesting bunch of friends sick.

Benoit, it wasn't a hard choice. I could hang around with a bunch of kids driving fart can exhaust rice burners, or a group of adult men and women who share the same automotive interests that I do.

And unlike the tree huggers preaching to others nationwide, I don't think anybody here in this discussion is going to criticize your decision to buy a Japanese car. You have the right to purchase and drive whatever you want.

The same people who criticized me a few years ago because I was born in France and moved here as a kid wouldn't criticize me for buying an vehicle which isn't American made? Maybe you don't remember "freedom fries," and people telling me to go home even though I'm a U.S. citizen, but I won't forget that very soon.

Benoit, sounds like you have met some real idiots in your day. But I still don't think anybody in this discussion is going to criticize you for buying the car of your choice. That's what the thread is about anyway now, people trying to tell others what they should or should not be driving. We would all be hypocrites if we try to dictate to you what you should drive.

Sure, Steve-- it's a typo. But how do you defend the moronic America First chest-beating that made up the rest of the post? You were a deputy once. Do you condone his desire to become a deputy so he can incite violence on those who disagree with him? He thinks that people who choose not to drive gigantic gas guzzlers are poor and jealous?

Guess the poor thing has never heard of BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, etc etc...

No one is saying that people should sell their trucks so they can't make a living. The thing that's getting mocked here are the laughably ignorant views being spouted by the Excursion lovers, i.e. giant gas guzzler = patriot.

PatriotDan is the funniest and most accurate bit of satire I've read in a long time. Tip o' the hat to the author!

Do I condone his desire to become a deputy so he can incite violence on those who disagree with him? Of course not! But I think he would fit in quite well with the law enforcement we have out on the street nowadays. Did you see the video from the California pursuit the other day? The suspect gives up, lays down and spreads his arms out. What do the cops do? One walks up to him and kicks him in the head. The second officer brings his K-9 in, pats the suspects legs as if to point out a target for the K-9, and the K-9 bites the man in the left leg. This is just one example of the hundreds of cases of police brutality on the streets nationwide on a daily basis. But Thank God, a news helicopter caught this one on tape and publicized it. (Now you know where my user name originates from, cops have lost their minds)

If you want to follow more cop abuse and stupidity nationwide, visit the local blog link posted right here....

"He thinks that people who choose not to drive gigantic gas guzzlers are poor and jealous?"

A majority of the haters yes. The rest are to far up Gore's butt to really know better.

I love the fact that my Excursion burns lots of gas and makes those pinko, commie-fag crybabies sad. In fact, I live a block away from a convenience store, but if I need the odd six-pack or cigarettes, I still like to drive over in my awesome Excursion - just to hurt the hippies. Sometimes I just crank it up and let it run for hours at a time without driving anywhere.

On a recent vacation trip to the Eastern Shore in our awesome matching Excursions (one for me and another for the missus), fearing that we weren't polluting the environment enough, we each carried an extra can of gas along just so that we could stop at the Chesapeake Bay and pour it directly in the water. Awesome! It felt great because we knew that we were sticking it to the tree-huggers.

P.S. Al Gore sucks!

My first issue is everyone that complains here is screaming on deaf ears because we love our big bad trucks that do alot of hard work. Why doesn't anyone complain about all the high polluting Mercedes and BMW's not to mention the Escalades/Yukons that burn all that gasoline......atleast some of us diesel burners can burn alternate bio-fuel.

P.S I run a fleet of Heavy trucks that somedays burn up to 500L of diesel aday each LOL

You tree huggers have a point....but your barking up the wrong tree!

Desert Mule