Albemarle reassessments loom

County property reassessments go in the mail January 30 and the average value for all types of property declined 2.59 percent, according to a release. Condos– down 7.7 percent– were hit the hardest, while commercial property on average went up 1.59 percent. The Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors shows the median price of houses in Albemarle increasing 4.3 percent in 2008.


Albemarle County assessments are ridiculous! There has been very little sales activity to base comparable values on, but a cursory look at real estate listings compared to the property's previous sales price shown a much greater decline than 3%. This is all about maintaining the oppressive taxes the County charges to support the bloated spending. Everyone should fight their reassessments!

Seems to be some discrepancy with the Realtors Assoc. claim. The Daily Progress is reporting that:

"Though assessment growth is stagnating, Charlottesville’s existing home values still fared better than some other localities, including Albemarle County, where property values decreased."

Steve apparently has Albemarle mixed up with somewhere else. He MAY think the county taxes are "oppressive," but that thought lacks rational basis. There is no county in Virginia approximating Albemarle's wealth that has a lower real estate tax rate. None.
And no county in Virginia uses the land-use tax exemption more than Albemarle does. While this tax exemption may save some land from development, it also conveys upon those with money (you have to own at least 20 acres to be eligible) a huge tax deferral. Most of these folks aren't planning on developing their land anyway...

Moreover, not only is Albemarle a relatively low-tax county (on real estate anyway), but also Virginia is a low tax state when compared to the other 49. And of the industrial nations, the vast majority have a higher tax bite than does the United States. That's a fact, Steve.

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Jim Harshaw
Charlottesville, VA