Lewis reads from the Virginiad

In October, local author Tim Lewis published his book The Virginiad, an epic history of the State of Virginia in poetry. On Tuesday, February 3 Lewis will give a read from this massive undertaking in the McIntire Room of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library on Market Street at 7pm. Want to know more about Lewis and his book? Go to his website for reviews, podcasts and more.


saw the show and it rocked. hold on I am sure it will continue. Van halen will return to VA and give a rockin great show the fans will be happy.
the sound and tunes will be worth the delay.

I looked on van-halen.com, and the Charlottesville make-up show is March 11.


What stinks about that is that they already had a date scheduled for March 11! The Manchester, NH show originally on March 11 is now on April 9. So now 3 shows are messed up instead of 2.

This is a bunch of BS...Van Halen is back, DLR and Eddie know this is the last chance to revive either of their careers. It is one of the two top grossing concert runs this year. A little prosac and everyone will be fine. As a wise man once said, "Love may make the world go 'round; but money greases the axles it turns on." There is no such thing as "BAD publicity": if you want to sell out all your remaining shows, throw a rumor of a breakup in.

Btw, I saw the show in Indy (14 Oct) and it COOKED!

I also saw the Indy show and it was Awesome! I think this all a rumour and I'm hoping that as they add dates to their schedule they will come back through Indy.

I also saw the Indy show and it was Awesome! I think this all a rumour and I'm hoping that as they add dates to their schedule they will come back through Indy.

I saw the New Orleans show and it was awesome!! They got along great, sounded great and those big goofy smiles of Dave's were just Dave being Dave. Eddie is still the king and Wolfgang was wonderful!! I would love to see them again. They are and always have been rock's number 1 band!!! Those canceled dates were probably due to illness, either way they've been rescheduled and the shows will go on. They're human just like anyone else...haven't any of you ever called in sick?

First off, I AM a V.H. fan, saw them for the first time in the 70's, next in '85, and last, and definitely LEAST in the Gary Cherone debacle. Being a professional musician, I'd like to say NO... I haven't called in "sick". Probably should have a few times, but the show must go on. Fans are depending on you as well as your band mates. (No play, No pay!). Even the crap jobs I've worked over the past 25 years have only seen me missing once... 1/23/88 as my wife popped my daughter out earlier than expected. I realize this is highly extraordinary, but it comes down to one thing...RESPECT. Respect for your fans, respect for your art, respect for yourself.
Obviously I sincerely hope nothing is medically wrong with ANY member of the band, but even before this incident, we, (the fans) have suffered through band break-ups, rehab, divorce, a crappy lead singer (sorry Gary) injury, illness, the list goes on! Many of these things happen to the rest of us yet we're still expected to fulfill our daily obligations (no matter how small).
$hit or get off the pot V.H.! If I wanted another set of unused tickets stuffed into my memorabilia guitar case, I'd buy Guns n Roses tickets!
p.s. DLR years were in my opinion, the best, but why put up with Dave's "personality" for a reunion tour if you're not letting Michael, the original bassbone play? W.T.F! Let little Wolfie forge his own way. He's already dumped on the band once and he's not even 18.....hmmm maybe he DOES have a future with V.H. :)