Mudhouse: Brandon Garrett's "Acrylic Pizza"

Brandon Garrett, "Pizza with Red Peppers and Yellow Tomato #2."

Mudhouse presents "Acrylic Pizza," an exhibition of pie paintings by accomplished law prof by day, accomplished artist by night, Brandon Garrett. A First Friday opening is scheduled for February 6, 6-8pm. 213 W. Main St. on the Downtown Mall. 242-9294.


Big yawn on the Tony Stewart bashing. It's been done so much who cares anymore. But if you insist on bashing Tony Stewart, please tell the entire story. In case you missed it while doing your reseach, Kurt Busch ran into Tony Stewart on purpose to show his displeasure with a racing incident. It's not the first time a fellow driver has punched Kurt Busch.

And, it WON'T be the last!