Springsteen tickets still available

It would appear that not even the Boss is immune to the current economic recession. Despite his rousing Super Bowl halftime performance, tickets for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's May 5 date at John Paul Jones Arena remain up for grabs at both price levels ($67 and $97) two days after they went on sale. This would not be cause for alarm for nearly any other artist, but Springsteen sold out his JPJ show last April in mere minutes. –file photo by Jon Iraundegi via Flickr

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hmm. spend my sixty seven dollars on food and shelter or spend my sixty seven dollars on a chance to hear pink cadillac. tough choice.

All the lower level tickets are sold out, though. Only upper level and waaaaaay upper level tickets are left.

I bet if U2 came to town they would sell out in 1 hour and 21 minutes flat.

U2 is my jam

1. I went last year and was disappointed. 2. Who needs to see the same act two years in a row? 3. Waste of money.

Last year it was not a get up and dance kind of setlist- think all the songs from "Born to Run" that are great for a long drive but you don't particularly want to hear them live. "Jungleland," for example.

I bought the "cheap" tickets, which went for about $78 apiece after all the fees. I did not get my money's worth. And I love Springsteen's music. Not surprised it didn't sell out. It will before May, though.

Also, there may be the odd Republican in this town who doesn't dig the Boss's bad-mouthing our old Prez whilst worshiping at the unproven altar of our new one. Just saying.

Well, for the uninformed, there's a little contreversary that is running wild over the newswire. Springsteen tickets have been snubbed by the ticketmaster system.

Of course it's not a sellout since the fans can't buy the tickets.

The Recession ?