Parachute VA releases debut single

Hook cover band turned major label recording artist Parachute VA released their debut single Tuesday, February 10 via iTunes. "She Is Love" will also be featured in an upcoming television ad for Nivea skin-care products. The Artist Formerly Known As Sparky's Flaw is set to send their debut album to record stores later this year.
–publicity photo


Wonder if the national response will be like the local response.

This has got to be the worst band name that I have ever heard! I can't believe that their handlers let that happen!

"Let that happen"??? Um, their "handlers" MADE that happen - all part of a deal for the band to get paid by NIVEA, a skin and beauty care company. At least those guys will get their makeup for free.


awful name indeed. makes them seem like a small town band that found out they had picked a name a more successful band was already touring with.

i've never even heard the band, but sparky's flaw was both a name that almost immediately said to me "that's a rock band," and a memorable name at that. parachute va seems like a skydiving outfit run out a small rural airport. "clem, isn't that the place down near zion's x-roads?"

i predict at least one more name change, and then probably a few new baristas in town.

"Parachute" is a sufficiently rock-and-roll word post-Coldplay, I think, but it clearly isn't Google friendly on its own. To me, the most curious thing about this is that in trying to address that by adding a PS-tag-along unique identifier, they've seemingly gone with a regional hook that might be at odds with their ongoing attempts to go national.

Trying to promote Kansas, Boston, Europe, or Asia would have been a nightmare if the internet had existed back then (and might have been a nightmare anyway, depending on your opinion of each). I wonder what effect the geographically rooted name has had on, say, Virginia Coalition.



They could salvage it with some made-up acronym...

Virgin Assault? no, maybe not for the under-18 shows.

Van Attack? nah...too terrorist.

Visiting Aliens? hmmm the space thing is a bit played out.

Well I will keep an ear out for the Nivea tune and maybe they can land something on The Hills before the year's out.