Skinner at New Dominion

New Dominion Bookshop will host a reading and book-signing by Peter Skinner who will present selections from his book The Bells of Moses Henry Thursday, February 19 at 5:30pm. 

Skinner’s latest novel, chronicles the adventures of a seven-year-old mulatto boy named Willie Graves during the 1950s. Blamed for the murder of his father, Willie navigates the physical and psychological landscape of Virginia – from his mother’s bordello in Charlottesville and the rich apple orchards of Winchester to the majestic terrain of the Chesapeake and the dark and foreboding Dismal Swamp. Sustained by the wisdom of an old black bell-ringer and the kindness of a roughneck hobo, Willie is introduced to the life of train hoppers, crabbers, farm workers, juke joints, thieves, murderers, policemen, and prostitutes – upon whom his survival depends. The Bells of Moses Henry is a story of hope, adventure, and reconciliation.

 “Skinner’s latest work is an exciting and generous novel which tours Virginia from Charlottesville to the mountains to Chesapeake Bay. It’s a pleasure to see, hear, and feel his array of characters, some up to no good and some doing the right thing against heavy odds." –John Casey, author of Spartina

Peter Skinner, author of The Bells of Moses Henry (nominated for a Library of Virginia Library Award), also wrote White Buffalo. He is the father of three children and a stepson. He and his wife live in Virginia.



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