Happy birthday, Mr. President


Remember when we celebrated Abraham Lincoln and George Washington's birthdays on their real day? Today– February 12– is the 200th birthday of the Great Emancipator. Oh, and it's Charles Darwin's 200th, too.


Thank you, Ms. Provence, for offering this.
My kids are teens now, and it's been such a bummer, all their school years, with hardly any recognition, much less celebration, of Abraham Lincoln.
I'm only fifty, but when we studied American history, we looked at the Southern slave economy, how Lincoln empowered the Abolitionists and politicians, and we learned that without "his" war, the Southern conspiracy to build an empire could have jeopardized republics throughout the hemisphere, if not the globe. There was a feeling of joy in the celebration of his birthday.
It's just no good if we have to shut it up.
But thank you!

It's funny how much this country has idolized arguably the most controversial President in our country's short history. Not trying to draw away from the great things he accomplished but one can only laugh at the idea that he was the W.Bush of his time!

Actually saw a great show on PBS the other night called "Looking for Lincoln" that did a great job covering the things we don't learn in school about this great and humble man, good things and bad.

It's not everyday the President suspends the writ of Habeas Corpus ya know...

Surely you are not trying to insinuate that Bush will one day have as good a reputation as Lincoln? A quick list of accomplishments for both Presidents would reveal a gross imbalance in the comparison.

Lincoln may have been controversial, but he was also much beloved in his time and for good reason. Bush jr could not approach the level of deep respect the country had for Mr. Lincoln, also for good reason.

I was most certainly not insinuating that at all!! If I where to insinuate something of the sort I would of flat out said Bush will one day be held with such high regards.

That won't happen simply because of the controversial war, huge dissaproval to his Administration's policies worldwide, and of course, his public speaking abilities which have really made up for the void America's Funniest Home Video's left on this decade.

No, my point was that it's funny how a huge chunk of our nation at that time could be so anti-Lincoln only to have his face on my money and mountains. He was a man's man and the mold for presidents that followed him.

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