Possible High's murder weapon tests negative

The search for the weapon used to commit a double homicide at Staunton's High's Ice Cream in 1967 continues, now that ballistic tests on a .25 caliber pistol once belonging to Staunton police investigator Davie Bocock and handed over to police by Bocock's late colleague's wife in January have come back negative. "The gun was probably manufactured around 1972 or later," says Staunton police chief James Williams. "So this isn't the murder weapon." In confessing to the murders of Carolyn Perry and Connie Hevener just before her death in January, Sharron Diane Crawford Smith told police that she had given her .25 to Bocock, who allegedly told her he would "take care of it" by burying it on his property. In 1981, Bocock reportedly gave the recently tested .25 to a colleague for off-duty use.