Snap o' the Day: Red (Robin)

This is Red, the mascot of Red Robin, the "gourmet burger" chain with an outpost at Charlottesville Fashion Square mall, as he (or she?) silently but effusively greeted a reporter's table Tuesday night around 6:30.


Remember when Rio Road was shut down a couple of years ago?

Traffic on route 29 was bumper to bumper from Barracks Road to Airport Road.

People in Charlottesville and Albemarle truly need this new road.

Real Nice....more mature native, trees gone from Albemarle County.
A true shame and a sad reflection on the priorities of us all;(cars before beauty and our quality of life). One of the "greenest" environmentally friendly cities in the U.S??.....just green in somebody's pockets.

That Robin ought to fly his feathered ass up to Wall Street and knock on a few board room doors. That stock is getting its eyes pecked out.