Woman pleads guilty to sex with William Monroe football players

Four months after her arrest for having sex with three different members of the William Monroe High School football team, 39-year-old Stanardsville resident Tammy Harlow Cox (seen left in a Facebook picture, right in her October 2008 police mugshot) pled guilty to five misdemeanor counts of having sex with someone a minor between the ages of 15 and 18, according to NBC29. Cox is set to serve 14 months in prison.


I'm not sure 14 months in prison is much of a punishment or an appropriate punishment. Didn't we just have a female prison's warden keeping the women satisfied while they were locked up? :)

I wonder what the punishment would be for a 39 year old male for sex with 3 female minors?

Wow, she's a Mack Truck. I feel sorry for the young men with the poor choice in "females," they will certainly be made fun of on a daily basis for the rest of high school. For the next two decades or so, Greene locals who know about this will still torment them (all in good fun, of course). They will be legends.

Too bad for the guys she wansn't De-Bra LeFavor, that would make them instant studs!

i'd beat

Jus chillin at da crib an' blazin a ounce!