Harriet Tubman Comes to Life

Harriet Tubman

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Famous People: Selected Portraits From the Collections of the Library of Congress

The Children's Museum of Richmond celebrates the rich heritage and creativity of the African-American community through a special performance by Ibe Crawley. The storyteller performs a dramatic telling of the journey of Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad that includes songs, repetition, and dramatic gestures. The historically accurate story is broken into two parts, each lasting about 25 minutes. The first part will detail Tubman's childhood, and the second part focuses on her journey as a fugitive slave. The story is told from two perspectives-a slave girl and a northern abolitionist-and focuses on the themes of self-determination and liberty. Following each session, Ibe leads a discussion about the craft of storytelling and answers questions from the children. 2626 West Broad Street, Richmond. 804-474-7000.

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