First Covenant, now STAB closes from germs

A week ago, the Covenant School shut down temporarily when lots of students were sick. Now, St. Anne's-Belfield is doing the same thing. NBC29 has the story.


Can anyone explain why there are not more movie theaters in this town, or at least one decent, modern multiplex with stadium seating and surround sound? My friends and I wanted to see SATC, and we were told the only theater in town showing it was the Carmike. When we tried to get tickets to their 10 p.m. showing a few minutes ago, we found out it was sold out and we had to buy tickets for a later show. Seems like with all the students in this town it's a prime demographic for an updated theater, and the chance to show the latest movies at more than one theater in town, so why don't we have one?

Megan, There must be a cute little town somewhere with theaters you'd just love. Please move there and makes us both happier about where we live.