Snap o' the day: Uncle Charlie's R.I.P.

Crozet's only music venue shut its door February 22 on the corner location whose longest-running business in our memory was a drugstore. Next to try that spot: Mudhouse has a lease, according to an Uncle Charlie's owner.


Thank you for having us play there over the years, Uncle Charlie's. Especially you, Al... we had lots of fun and will miss it.

I mean, I like Mudhouse coffee as much as the next gal, but I also like beer & live music.

~ Beth

Junior Moment & the Fun Thieves

Finally this place is closed! Go MudHouse.

When is it closing? The gravy, the beef, it will be missed! the story next to the family had many wonderful dinners's a shame to see it go!

man it is ashame we can't have a good bar in crozet with out people complaining and and there is no where in crozet to dance and have a few beers . uncle charlies was a a great place to party we all knew one another and all got along until outsiders started comming in and tearing stuff up and fighting... charlie ,wendy i am gonna miss you guys you are a great bunch ...we love you .......aka crazy bitch

I wish Blue Moon Diner was coming in here... It would be a perfect fit.
Crozet needs a casual diner for Breakfast Lunch & Diner reasonable prices & no pretension. & this is the location for it.

Coffee in the morn, beer & good times at night... A place you are NOT afraid to take your kids to.

If it's going to be Mudhouse PLEASE listen to my plea!!! I have seen too many come & go in this beautiful space... Kokopelli did not work for a reason.

Beer, cigarettes and big TV's give way to laptops, smoke-free, kids, mom's, caffeine and baked goods.