Another local beauty makes Top Model

Isabella, a 19-year-old aspiring model from Barboursville will compete on Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model airing March 4.

Last fall, Lauren Brie Harding, daughter of Albemarle Sheriff Chip Harding, was one of 14 contestants chosen for cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model. She made it to the final eight before she was eliminated. Now comes news that another local beauty has been selected to compete in Cycle 12. "Isabella" is a 19-year-old aspiring model from Barboursville who'll face off against 12 other contestants when the new season airs on March 4 on the CW. The Wikipedia page for America's Next Top Model identifies her as Isabella Falk. Calls to area Falks were not returned at posting time.


The semi-beautiful Isabella.

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And what's with the posture? Spina bifida?

Christ a'mighty Hook folk: when ya gonna throw down some actual news, hmmm?

Prettiest one gone first? Tyra has this all backwards!

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