BizBrief: Rug Depot to close

Another local business has been hit by the bad economy– Rug Depot on U.S. 29 north across from Wal-Mart. In business for 10 years, the store will close at the end of March, says owner Mahmood Pasha, who's advertising Persian rugs up to 90 percent off.


Isn't that the store that has been holding a going out of business sale since it opened?

yes Music Lover, that's true. They pull that sign out every once in awhile, presumably when business is slow.

Smart on their part. They aren't going anywhere.

I heard New York Carpet World has had to mark everything half off.

isnt there a law against advertising going out of business...when you aren't? I bought a rug there at least 4-5 years ago at a closing sale!

This place has a going out of business sign everytime I drive by!! I don't remember a time in the past 10 years it hasn't been "going out of business". Sounds like an illegal gimmick... And you can get better deals on rugs online ( why pay for middle man markups??). I would not but anything from the rug depot, they appear pretty dishonest in their advertising!!