Former planning commissioner takes #2 EPA job

UVA law professor Jon Cannon, who until recently served on the Albemarle Planning Commision, has been selected for the second-in-command position of deputy administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, subject to U.S. Senate confirmation. If approved, Cannon will take a leave of absence from the Law School.


Disband the EPA. It was created under Nixon and has ran its course. If the EPA wants to help the environment, it can start by disconnecting the utilities in all of its offices and tell its employees to park their cars and stay home.

The EPA has become a piece of crap that puppets California's fruitcake environmental laws.

Dave, yes, all that cleaner air and cleaner water is a terrible thing for our children.

wow. just wow.

EPA's activities overlap and are redundant with state DEQ agencies. Disand the EPA or disband every last state DEQ. One or the other. Time to go on a diet.