WahooRidge open for business

There's a new place in the McIntire Business Park, just beyond Saigon Caf© and Kathy's Hair, to get homemade BBQ and breakfast burritos made with local organic ingredients. WahooRidge Company(home of WahooQ BBQ Sauce), described as a "hole in the wall" by owner Mike McBlair, just recently began opening up its whole sale frozen food business to walk-ins. No, the food isn't frozen, as McBlair has a working kitchen on the premises. In several weeks, McBlair will be offering his frozen homemade food at Whole Foods, but for now he's offering up some of his specialties to anyone who wants to stop by. "The breakfast burritos are to die for," he says.

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Loved him at WAHS and am still in love. Seriously, though, it's good to see an article about someone who goes after a passion and gets to enjoy doing what they love while being talented at it. It doesn't happen very often.