Snap o' the Day: brownish 'green' roof

The "green roof" put on City Hall last May (over the objection of at least one former Councilor) is looking a little brown these days–- or at least on Friday, February 27, the date of this photo. However, it's just wintertime dormancy, according to City spokesperson Ric Barrick, who also expects a second year growth spurt. As for the financial controversy, Barrick points out that City Hall envisioned spending $338,000 for a thermoplastic olefin roof. The green roof came in under budget at $397,000, so the green premium, he says, was just $59,000. However, Barrick also notes that the the total project cost was $472,000, which includes "soft" costs such as architecture, engineering costs, bidding, printing, and construction management. (The County built a "green roof" of its own in 2005.)

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Maybe a story should be done on what the city spends on upkeep on this roof vs the maintanance free roof thay could have purchased. The extra 60k they spent on this could have purchased at least an acre of land or easements along the rivanna. That would be more green space and something the taxpayers could actually use.

But at least we all "feel" good.