Astronomers and Pantherburn

Indie rock and fiery Americana-rock.

Astronomers - The Singularity
Astronomers - Strategem
Astronomers - Shoes
Astronomers - Perpetual Emotion
Astronomers - Or Maybe It's Nothing
Astronomers - My Hologram
Astronomers - Fermata

Pantherburn - The Octopus
Pantherburn - Mister Baby [demo]

That song title isn't a typo – first of all, that crap never happens with us, ever, and second, Panther and shutterfly Aaron Farrington confirmed that while the song is still a work in progress, it is indeed named after Huddleston-meets-Hacks local Americana project Mister Baby, who will make an appearance on the track by the time it hits version 1.0.

In the meantime, Astronomers better step their game up if they likewise want to be immortalized in song by their peers.


Also, Nate Bolling from Astronomers wrote in to confirm that "The Singularity" is partially inspired by a kooky sci-fi rapture of sorts predicted by Ray Kurzweil (who you may know from his keyboards, among other inventions). There was a fairly in depth interview with him on the subject in Rolling Stone recently, but they chose not to make that article available online (?!) so you'll have to just look for Sean Penn on the cover.

i dont get the second paragraph

The idea of bands writing songs about other bands is kind of hilarious. If you had your pick of any of the locals, who would you want to dedicate one to you?

i see. it may have to be Travis Elliott Band. The song would likely be about how on our way back from a mutual show last weekend in Richmond, they ran out of gas at 3am in the rain/snow on 64 WHILE Rowe was on the phone with me. Lucky bastards.

I'm also reminded of "Ten Ton Cheese" from the first Falsies record, wherein then-novice chicken-suited drummer Lance Brenner took a sloppy drum solo (one of his first ever, I believe) over cheers of "That guy's better than Robert JospĀ©!"