Snow disappears, but closings persist

This National Weather Service map shows that snow in Albemarle ranged from about two to eight inches.

Charlottesville public schools, Albemarle public schools–- even Charlottesville Circuit Court and its City Council–- have folded up the proverbial tent due to the now-rapidly melting snow. It was pretty this morning when it fell.


Would that it were rapidly melting all around! The temperature never got north of 28°F here in Stony Point, and we haven't lost a flake of our 5"-6" here.

Looks like no school for Albemarle again tomorrow.

In all my years growing up in Buffalo we had one snow day. Granted no hills. On that day I piled my brothers and sisters into the family station wagon--no seat belts--drove to Kissing Bridge to go skiing and having just gotten my license drove the car off the road and flipped it in a ditch. No injuries, got the car righted by a tow truck and to this day my parents are none the wiser.

NPR had a fun program on today
Tell Us The Story Of Your Favorite Snow Day

Talk of the Nation, March 2, 2009 · Schools are closed all along the East Coast as a snowstorm that started Sunday deep in the South barrels through New England.

Even if this particular storm spared you, tell us: What did you do on your favorite snow day? NPR science correspondent Robert Krulwich joins us to remember a number of his favorite snowstorms.

Albemarle did the right thing here, in closing schools Tues. It is slick AS GLASS. Wouldn't be smart in taking a chance to hurt anyone.

My parents walked 10 miles to and from school, uphill both ways, in 24" inches of snow. Schools never closed back then. :)

I wonder how many teachers and students are on the hills of Wintergreen? Does ACPS get a kickback from Wintergreen when they close schools when the sun is shining?

Sunshine, Come on, get over it. :-) Everyone deserves a day off. Let them enjoy the day at Wintergreen. After all, the students need more exercise in this day and time and also need to break away from the SOLS for awhile. The poor teachers put up with too much and for little pay. I hope they all have a great time! Life is too short to deny themselves a well-deserved vacation.

plop, i think that is why they get x-mas break, teacher-play-days, spring break and let us not forget summer for 2 months! as far as pay, some of them are overpaid and others that are deserving underpaid.

but i guess wintergreen does need the stimulus so no issue there and since they are off i hope they have a great time too.

I bought my daughter a new 4X4 SUV so she could get to Wintergreen whenever schools are closed. I don't want her at home worrying me to death all day long! :)

hahaha! Sick you crack me up!

check this out and let me know what you think ( you've probably already seen it!)

Just ran into a woman at the Mall with her son--very upset that schools were closed and most roads were clear. She said " times are tough and lots of parents work and what are we suppose to do --we need to go to work to keep our jobs"

Mike, I have seen it. The deputy needs to be fired. There's no darn excuse for police brutality like that. None whatsoever! If that had been my daughter he beat up.... (fill in the blank).

The Louisa township police chief recently hired a former Albemarle County cop he used to work with who pretty much did the same thing to a young kid. It too was captured on video. Needless to say, this newly hired cop left Louisa when township adminisration found out about his prior history, and the chief as put on probation.

Don't for one minute think this type of brutality doesn't take place on a daily basis nationwide. And other rookie cops condone the brutality and claim it was not excessive force. Read this link, you can pick out the rookies, they are the ones who defend this deputy's brutality.

Let me tell you something else about this link. You will see many cops claiming the parents should have beat the girl up as she was growing up. But these are the same rookies who would respond and lock a parent up for beating their child. The attitudes and remarks in the link are downright embarrassing to any professional law enforcement officer.

Buffalo girl,It cracks me up that parents are so bummed out when school is out for bad weather. Parents should assume responsibility for THEIR OWN kid in certain unforeseen circumstances. If they were creative resourceful people who pre-planned properly, parents could arrange for care with a neighbor, friend, family member, or another, for 3-5 snow days a year! Most decent jobs offer some sort of vacation or leave. How about reserving this time to spend a special day with YOUR KID! I hope the poor child didn't hear his Mom complaining and bellyaching. I also suggest instead of taking children to the Mall (to hang out or buy more in these bad economic times), to instead do some hands-on activities together. Make cookies, read together, take the kid sledding, visit a local historical site, etc. Most of all, as a Mother, treasure a special day with your child. Kids sense when Mother is irritated. As I taught, there were always a handful of parents who reacted as this woman did. Sadly, the children of such folks sensed the parent was unhappy on snow days. Once again, it is the job of the parent to pre-plan for such days. The back roads were terrible this morning. School systems can't take the chance for injuries on such days.

you weren't lying about those remarks Sick. The attitude expressed in some of those posts made me so mad... to think that some of those clowns are cops themselves is almost funny.

One thing departments could do to help filter out the power hungry ones (and some may already do this) is doing research on the person's phsycolgical records mainly from whatever schools they went to and/or local resourses like region ten. Proffesional insight on these peoples' lives growing up may just be the key in deciding who to give a gun and a badge to.