Anthony Dowd and Starlet Knight

Piano+vocal duo from Richmond performing classic jazz and Broadway tunes


White supremecists run the world, folks. They've been putting fluoride in the water for so long that many of you can't even see that it's put there to make you dumb as a rock. Arrggh!

Of course, you're not really white if your ancestors weren't royalty who have inbred for hundreds of years and controlled and dominated everything through brutal eugenics. Hey, let's talk about Kevin Strom!

And it's not just fluoride. It's hyrdofluosilicic acid! A pollution scubber that uses the fluoride to corrode all the other toxic heavy metals. And once it's done, it's ready to go into the water you and your children drink! Enjoy your brain damage and bone cancer! Just kidding, folks. It's a deadly serious poison and the folks adding it to the water ought to stop doing so immediately.

If it weren't for fluoridation of the water, we wouldn't have all these societal problems like people everywhere being and acting like idiots! Trust me on ths.