Baby bottle-makers bag BPA

The six biggest makers of baby bottles have voluntarily agreed to stop using Bisphenol A, or BPA, a material strongly decried by locally-based researcher Pete Myers. A recent study may have helped lead to the recent decision.

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I salute the baby bottle makers! I can't wait to buy a new baby bottle for my angel. Please announce when they are in the market already.

Glass bottles have never stopped being produced, but you can't leave the baby alone with one of these. You shouldn't be leaving a baby alone with a bottle anyway, fwiw, whether it's plastic or glass (choking).

The "Born Free" brand of baby bottles, which is BPA free, is available at many Whole Foods. Or try the Blue Ridge Eco Shop. The brand is also widely available online. BTW, the six biggest makers of baby bottles have most of their products manufactured in China. And G*d only knows what else is in their products besides BPA. Buy from countries that have better consumer product safety records, or who disclose their practices.

Awesome article, Mr. Barnes. I am so impressed with the amount of work you put into this. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this for our friend. I know Gennady through his involvevment with our Belarus ministry, and he is a vital part of our team. I can't wait to welcome him home, eventually with green card in hand!

Very well written article. I am very grateful of your efforts to report on this amazing and sad story. Gennady is a wonderful man who deserves to be with his family here in Charlottesville. I very much look forward to the day of seeing him home.

There must become a way for officials to determine which cases clog our system of justice and which are crucial for inspection. So many people and space are involved with cases like this that keep good people from being a part of our multi-cultural America - and simultaneously fill our prison systems with people who are grilled mercilessly and kept from deserved freedom as Americans. One can only wonder what good men and women are being detained from contributing positively to our society and which non-citizens are taking advantage of freedoms stolen and undeserved. Thanks for all your work to support such a deserving man.

This story is absolutely terrifying. It shows how far the disregard for due process and the Constitution has gone.
Anyone not concerned about this should stop and think: this could happen to me!
The Department of Homeland Security should be abolished. The very name sounds ominous, smacking of the Third Reich, or Soviet Russia.
I thought we already had a government agency to
protect us-the Department of Defense, our Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corp.
Now we need to be protected from our government.

Gennady's love for this country and its people is second to none. I have known Gennady , Melinda and Alex for about 5 years through our church. His compassion and gentle nature have been evident in his every move as we have met together in serving others.
This is truly becoming one of the United States tragedy stories due to "big" government and a genuine lack of concern by those in charge. (INS)
This situation has the appearance that we are treating our people with the same tyranny we have associated with Russia. Lets continue to pray for Gennady and Melinda that a very positive outcome will soon be realized.
Gennady IS a great person!

Thank you so much, Mr. Barnes, for bringing this information to people through your article.
Mr. Dennisenko has helped us so much through the program at our church with the Belarussian children in the summertime. It has been an invaluable service to these children, hearing their spoken language and having someone to communicate with in Russian.
I am embarrassed that our political system is capable of such insensitivity and rude action regarding this dear man (and his family, for that matter). I expect his return with faith that people will act appropriately to bring it about..and faith in our God.