Snap o' the Day: thrifty toilet

Besides exotic food, including its signature chicken pastry, Al Hamraa, the recently-opened Moroccan restaurant in the Ix building, has something few, if any, other restaurants offer: a dual-flush toilet. Yep, this Caroma brand commode–- seen here Saturday night in the men's room–- saves the world's most precious resource by churning out less than a liter of water for fluids and the full 1.6 liters for, ahem, solids.


The Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority will soon be punishing this business and all water rate-payers for their thrifty use of water.

Remember the more we conserve the higher our rates.

See also the Toto "Aquia." It's a Japanese make, but sold widely (and locally).

Nothing in dual flush toilets is as thrifty as a dual flush toilet retrofit kit Many people have never heard about them but they save lots of water and keep money in your pocket

Toilets account for approx. 30% of water used indoors. By installing a Dual Flush toilet you can save between 40% and 70% of drinking water being flushed down the toilet, depending how old the toilet is you are going to replace.
If you are serious about saving water, want a toilet that really works and is affordable, I would highly recommend a Caroma Dual Flush toilet. Caroma toilets offer a patented dual flush technology consisting of a 0.8 Gal flush for liquid waste and a 1.6 Gal flush for solids. On an average of 5 uses a day (4 liquid/ 1 solid) a Caroma Dual Flush toilet uses an average of 0.96 gallons per flush. The new Sydney Smart uses only 1.28 and 0.8 gpf, that is an average of 0.89 gallons per flush. This is the lowest water consumption of any toilet available in the US. Caroma, an Australian company set the standard by giving the world its first successful two button dual flush system in the nineteen eighties and has since perfected the technology. Also, with a full 3.5”³ trapway, these toilets virtually never clog. All of Caroma’s toilets are on the list of WaterSense labeled HET’s and also qualify for several toilet rebate programs available in the US. Please visit my blog to learn more or go to to learn where you can find Caroma toilets locally. Visit to see how we flush potatoes with 0.8 gallons of water, meant for liquids only. Best regards, Andrea Paulinelli

Enjoy your roundworms!

Yes, we've eaten at Ten and enjoyed the food, although it's really overpriced - even compared to similar restaurants in DC.
One disconcerting fact is that many of the tables are so close that when the server is talking to the next table you can get a full 5 minutes of his rear in your face.

OMG!!! What a great review!!!!
Just kidding, Kate. Love the review, feel like I was eating there too! The Hook should consider itself lucky to have a new writer of your caliber onboard. Maybe they'll let you fire up the Blind Date Challenge again too?

A little too much personal info about Kate... a little more info about the food would be appreciated.

Her novelty is painfully obvious.

Ten sounds wonderful!