Photog captures spirit of Phish's 'Mothership'

Photographer Tom Daly is back from three nights in Hampton at "the Mothership," the Hampton Coliseum, where a locally managed band pleased its fans.

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I don't for one second believe $1.2 million in drugs was confiscated. The police release this foolishness and the public eats it up. "Hey, look at us, we did a good job!" Baloney!

Guess I was right about the stimulus plan --

$1.2 million worth, to be exact.

lotta drugs down there.... a lotta drugs...

Great shots Tom. Maybe Phish and U2 could be the stimulus we need--rock on !

some good job! it's not like they busted a bunch of gang bangers with that much worth of crackor heroin. good job cops. you busted a bunch of hippies at a PHISH SHOW with pot, mushrooms, LSD, and MDMA. I feel a WHOLE LOT safer

this crisis has allowed me to finally buy a home. I got passed by housing costs three years ago but now I just got a house in foreclosure for 202k that was 340k in 2005.

The bailout does give the money for the banks to loan responsibly which stabilizes the housing market which means at that point the banks can require less down.

What I know is I got a house I deserve for being responsible and the person that lost it lied on thir application. Sounds like capitalism at its finest.

I enjoyed reading this essay detailing the influence on Congress by those in the media who make a living talking about something that most of them know not much about - economic columnists and commentators. The swiftness with which Congress voted to pass the President's request shows also that those voting and obviously members of their staff know very little about economics either. The biggest problem is that the public, some members of the private sector and our elected officials thought the problems was a government one to solve. The only way all of those parties will gain needed wisdom was to let the market play out its hands rather than keep going back to the drawing board, trying to find more alleys to stash public money. That's why I disagree with the author's conclusion that we need a bottom-up infusion of government money (welfare) to support the market. Billions have been spent and as soon as the baliout fund was set up, the market started falling. Instead of creating confidence, it showed an obvious lack of confidence and that sent most into a tail-spin. I cannot help but notice that both candidates for the White House, showing their expertise and leadership potential, quickly voted for the measure. I hope the public will learn two things from this. The first is that a knee-jerk reaction of looking to the government for solutions to every problem isn't always the best idea. The second is the public should evaluate the knowledge and expertise of those millions of mouths in the media who are constantly providing their opinions in countless commentaries written overnight and in what appears to be news reports. It would be wonderful if people were trained to always question the validity of what they read - to learn to discern between fact and opinion.