Garage sex ring busted in Staunton

A garage in Staunton has allegedly been the epicenter of a prostitution and pornography ring in Staunton. The Staunton News Leader reports that 39-year-old Wayne Gill of Gill's Auto Repair has been arrested on charges of child pornography and prostitution after he paid a 17-year-old girl $300 in exchange for oral sex and having the act filmed, according to Staunton police. The incident reportedly happened in a back room at the repair shop, where police confiscated 73 pornographic VHS tapes and DVDs, computers, a sex toy, digital cameras, and a blow-up doll.


You know, with the Commonwealth's Attorney cracking down on mass-produced porn being sold by businesses in Staunton, I guess some people decided to adopt a DIY ethos.

Very good distraction. This should take the spotlight off the dirty cop scandal presently going on in Stauton. :)

Dear Derek,

Judging by the accounts I've read, police seem to think this was not Mr. Gill's first time engaging in this kind of on-the-side business. Hence, "ring." Way to keep us honest, though. We appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.

Lindsay Barnes

In what way is this a "ring"? I'm inferring that they mean "gang: an association of criminals" but there's nothing in the story about that.

Now there's a girl on the fast-track to a triple-X stereotype! Seventeen...doing sex...doing it on film...AND doing it in the back room of an auto repair shop! Gold star for her. Question: are they also getting Homeland Security involved since there was a blow-up device? There is no logical reason an auto repair shop would have explosives.

Derek, I think there might have been some typographical errors in this story. When they refer to "ring," I think that is synonomous with "a sex toy." They just ended up in separate clauses in the article.

Finally, I would have like to have seen the police commentary on whether "$300 for oral" sex was due to his desperation or her expertise. Those prices--based on my extensive experience--seem kind of Downtown Mall-ish. Could C'ville's snobbery be migrating westward?

Saw that several tables had crept out onto the mall at Bizou. The sun and warmth made outdoor dining appealing but the dust whipped March wind cancelled that thought.
Sorry... forgot to say great post - can't wait to read your next one!

Garage? At least the women were properly lubed.