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I am also looking at installing a wood stove. I have an exterior wall in mind, but I have vinyl siding. My house is a Cape Cod, 1.5 stories, 2X6 walls. There is an overhang and gutter above where I want the pipe to run upwards on the back of the house. So basically it would be about 2 ft or so from house. Is that fine and wont melt the siding? Also, everything I read says not to go out a wall? Is that doable?

Also, what goes through the wall, triple wall pipe? How big does the hole need to be? Which is better 6 or 8 inch?

im fitting a woodburning stove in mw wooden summer house which is the best and safest flu to place inside the house and pass through the roof . can you please reccomend a name for the flu thank you