End Of Time Observatory

After years in the jamband The String Cheese Incident, which is heavily influenced by acoustic bluegrass, drummer Michael Travis and tag-along percussionist Jason Hann apparently have some repressed tensions to let out – specifically, their love of electronica. Shortly after SCI announced its hiatus in 2007, they got to work on EOTO, a live looping project that has them playing totally improvised sets of trip-hop, house, and drum 'n bass on keyboards, samplers, guitars, and... well, drums and bass. You know all the textural gurgling the Disco Biscuits like to layer underneath their guitars? Just picture that, but without all the other parts that can make them sound like a pale imitation of Phish; it's the musical equivalent of eating all the Lucky Charms marshmallows first.

EOTO - Bozone [live]
EOTO - Dung Diggity [live]
End Of Time Observatory - Mandible [live]


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Actually if Crabtree would have dropped it, Tech would have kicked a field goal by none other than Mike Williams; the character who was pulled from the stands September 20 during a on field promotion, and if he would have made those three points, well it would have been epic!

OK whoever wrote this article is an idiot. first off, if crabtree goes out of bounds there is still 1 second to play and he is on the 3 yardline.....ever heard of a game winning field goal??? Also, Mack Brown didnt review the play. In college a college football game the final two minutes are reviewed from the officials. Obviously if you are watching uva football and choosing tina fey over an epic football game then you dont follow football. Therefore you shouldnt write about it, because you sound foolish...honestly.

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hey man you are full of it..Just let the past go! That game was amazing and you are a terrible writer. I forgot Charlottesville writers don't ever know the whole story so they automatically assume false. I lived there and I witnessed Tech beating UVA, I was in Lubbock when it happened and came back a winner.I know for a fact you guys still talk about that game, get over it. Next time watch the whole game and read the stats.