Snap o' the Day: Workers on the Landmark

 Workers were on the top of the Landmark Hotel this morning, but according to a Clancy & Theys Construction Company official it was only to secure the site. As recent reports suggest, the unfinished hotel could remain that way for some time.


I am in the process of having my thyroid checked, and ran across this in my research. So far, everything I have discovered that I am going through can be attributed directly to a sluggish thyroid....the flip side is that it can also be a number of other things too.

The short version is that shortly after birthing my daughter (now 2), my family physician where I used to live put me on Lexapro and weight shot up 60 lbs in four months, yikes! After being in a zombie like state for over a year, I sought another doctor in my current town and came off both meds. Nothing has changed, in fact it has gotten worse on the depression side, and the weight still hasn't come off. I am also severely asthmatic, so any form of cardio is pretty nearly impossible for me to maintain for more than five minutes without running headlong for my nebulizer for an hour or five.

I don't eat fatty foods (too often, i am human after all). I don't eat fast food, fried foods, I eat steamed or raw veggies (carrots, cabbage, broccoli, celery), love to cook and i make home meals, stews with tons of veggies, including onions since they help prevent the nightmare migraines i've had since age 12. I have been craving sweets like mad lately but normally I am not a sweets person. I like my sweets naturally like apples or peaches. If I just absolutely have to have a sweet I eat a Balance Pure bar, or make a fruit smoothie with non fat vanilla frozen yogurt instead of ice cream and frozen berries or peaches. I still can't manage to get the weight off. I'm not anemic (found that out yesterday by blood work).

My main problem is finding a doctor in this itty bitty town who is willing to treat me based on the plethora of symptoms I experience, rather than strictly blood levels. I tend to do poorly on synthetic hormones of any kind, and I'm a huge fan of holistic medicine (i.e., I make my own cough syrup for colds, lemon, cloves, honey, etc.).

Any ideas would be HUGELY appreciated!


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 1987. I am 52 yrs old, 5'10", weighs 213. Currently on a thyroid compund (through a Naturopath Dr.). How can I get rid of the puffy face and eyes? I work to lose the weight, but gain it back. Please help.

Dallas and Cynthia, fluoride is antagonistic to iodine in your body, and most municipal water supplies add fluoride (fluosilicic acid, to be precise) to the water, and insist it's safe (it's anything but) and good for your teeth (see "dental fluorosis"). Since the thyroid is where iodine is stored in the body, and the fluoride makes the iodine useless to the body, it's no surprise that water fluoridation causes hypothyroidism. has many links about the dangers of fluoride. It's not just bad for the thyroid, it's bad for whole body. You should never drink tap water, unless it's been filtered. Berkey PF2 filters are an effective and economical way to eliminate the fluoride and arsenic found in tap water. Also never drink anything with aspartame. You'll catch Rumsfeld's disease, and you don't want to have that, trust me!


your article, lead me to believe i had or have low thyroid function. i had a test an i was told it was ok. Now i have a white spaceb from my nose to the curve of my cheek. it kind of sneaked up on the right side. i;m in va. can you recommend someone to go to for a correct test? thanks

I had an over active thyroid, it is now under control, infact slightly the other way.
However, my main problem is that it has left me with what looks like bags under my eyes due to the fluid retention.

Is there anything I can do about this without have sugery ?