Crozet Culture Club

See Japan.
PHOTO BY ezs -Flickr

World travelers ages 7-12 should grab their passports and get ready to travel the globe at Crozet Library. Whether it’s through folklore, music, food, games or art, we’ll learn about our fascinating neighbors around the world. On this trip we’ll explore the customs and culture of Japan, the country where fortune cookies, Sumo wrestling, and origami all originated. So pack your bags and join the club for some traveling fun. Registration is required. Located in the old train station on Three Notch’d Rd. 823-4050.


Thanks Penelope for this excellent post (as usual!). Regarding point 2, if readers are looking for strategy and advice on returning to work after a career break, they should check out the book Back on the Career Track: A Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work (Warner Books/Grand Central) and the website

I feel I have wasted my life chasing a career. It got me a corner office, 80 hour weeks, meaningless meetings and conference calls, business travel that I used to see as glamororous but now see as monotonous drudgery, etc. In short, it got me a life of tearing my hair out to make the rich slightly richer.

To say motherhood is second rate is like saying living life is less important than being a corporate drone. It just shows a lack of perspective.

And to argue that a single-minded focus on career will not hurt your chance of motherhood is to continue to mislead, as I have been misled.

Woman, I am your Ghost of Christmas Future. Don't be fooled. Nothing you do in the office will be remembered 20 years from now (or even 1 years from now). Your contribution as a mother and grandmother will be cherished for generations.

Are you the same Jamie who just so happens to be CEO of JP Morgan Chase and Co.? JUST ADMIT IT - IT WASN'T WORTH IT!!!