Armed robbery in Crozet reported

The UVA Credit Union on U.S. 250 in Crozet was robbed on Friday the 13th.

A gray-hoodie-wearing man robbed the University of Virginia Community Credit Union in Crozet around 10:20am March 13. The suspect is described as white, medium height and weight, and carrying a small handgun, according to an Albemarle County release. He had a blue bandana over his face and wore white sneakers. The man fled on foot in a westerly directionwith an undisclosed amount of money.

"It's like every cop in town is here," says an employee at a nearby restaurant, who declined to have his name used, around lunchtime. He counted seven police cars as well as a number of unmarked cars, and said a detective came into the business and told them about the robbery.

Police urge anyone with information about the robbery to call 296-5807.

Updated 3:25pm.


What happened, give us the deets

I just read that the Wachovia in Locust Grove (Orange Co) was robbed this afternoon. What in the world is going on??....Oh yeah, the economy stinks!

I will be using the drive thru from now on.

Is that as a high a resolution pic as the coppers will release, or was the bank skimping on photo technology? It's gonna be hard to peg Billy Bob the Crook without better imagery. Jes sayin'.

Daily Progress reports local store exterior cameras caught nothing and the dude may have fled into the neighboring townhouse community. Interesting if he can get away on foot with nobody noticing him. Makes me think he's a local Crozet boy.

Maybe our police chiefs would benefit from reading this article.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly has expressed concern over the frequency of bank robberies and the seeming ease in carrying them out, particularly at certain branches. He met in January with executives of major banks to push a set of ââ?¬Å?best practices” for security that were developed in 2003, during the last wave of robberies.

I go by billy bob. I did not rob the credit union. Retract your statement or you'll be hearing from my lawyers!!

kidding, btw...

Bad news has some serious tentacles...I was on vacation with my dad at a coffee shop in Vero Beach, FL and was told about it by friends there who know I work in C'ville.