SSG Artist Forum and Workshop: Warren Craghead III

Warren Craghead III, "This is a Ghost."

Artist Warren Craghead III, co-curator of the current Second Street Gallery exhibition, "Impera et Divde," will lead a discussion as the guest speaker of SSG's Artist Forum. After the roundtable, he will conduct a "'Zine Making" workshop. Forum, 5pm. Workshop, 6pm.  115 Second St. SE. 977-7284.


Dear Mr. O'Connell,

As a businessman I urge you to work harder to bring tourism dollars to Charlottesville by making it a day stop along the way from DC or to DC. If a family of four went to DC and stayed in Charlottesville for a day along the way they would easily spend 300-400 dollars which would benefit local businesses as well as swell the coffers of the Government. Perhaps setting up a committee to get together with the DC Departement of Tourism, and partnership with Hotels, Bus lines etc to make us a stop along the way. That would ease the tax burden on all of us and we could use the company.

Thank you.

As a businessman I do several million dollars in gross sales in the city per year.
I am very interested in how the city is managed and have followed it with close interest for over 30 years. I have been very disapointed at the liberal leanings of the city, they believe that everyone should ride in the cart and few pull it.
Thank you Mr.O'Connell, he is the only voice of reason and has kept the city from going compleatly bankrupt. Without him in the city of Charlottesville, it would be lost, I'm sure dealing with left wing liberals is trying, he does a wonderful job of keeping the city together. If we lose him, there goes the city, down the drain. Thank you Mr.O'Connell, you are the only bright star in a Dark Liberal sky.

Mr.Oconell, thank you, with out you my chilren would have all moved away.
They stay near and find jobs here, the city has so many wonderful programs that help everyone that I feel blessed, thank God that I live in a place where everyone can help everyone else.
I am glad you got this award.

Oh god, I think I just wet myself laughing at the above comments. They're either brilliant satire (spot on, down to the obligatory pro-Chamber of Commerce slant and needless demonizing of evil commie liberals!), or O'Connell's three friends have paid this blog a visit.

I have read the article and most importantly been an active participant in the workings of this city. I can say that from experience as an employee of the city government and as a citizen for nearly 42 years, I have been blessed to live in a city as wonderful and in times like these as stable as Charlottesville. In addition I am even more blessed to live in a city that has been run by such a truly remarkable individual. I have worked along side of Mr. O'Connell and also observed him from the outside at meetings and citizen gatherings. I can honestly say that without Mr. O'Connell this city would be nothing that it is today. There is no possible way that we as citizens can thank him enough for what he has done for our city. Most who criticize him are those who are unaware of what the rest of the nation experiencing; if they would just look and listen they would see that our city has experienced a very minimal amount of impact from the current recession, and those who still criticize him simply just don't realize how good we have it living in Charlottessville. I attribute most of this city's success and national recognition over the years to Mr. O'Connell, and from the bottom of my heart I truly would like to thank him. He may not realize it because of all of the negative comments and flat out rude individuals, but there are citizens of Charlottesville who do appreciate the job he is doing, and from a 42 year native of this world class city who has experienced it's ups and downs, he has done a wonderful job and I really do thank him.

World class city? Charlottesville?

I want some of whatever you are smoking please!

It's good to see Gary getting some recognition for his hard work.

From years of watching very closely the many issues that Gary has been involved in, I can say that he deserves the recognition and appreciation from this community. The Hooks criticism of him over the past year has been laughable and unnecessary.

You liberals just don't get it.
Thank God for Gary, without him you incompetent liberals would be lost.

Another one here for O'Connell. Keeping liberals from destroying Charlottesville has to be a hard job. He and Aubrey Watts along with the Finance Director and a couple of other astute department heads appear to be doing a fine job compared to the other cities in Virginia now facing horrible fiscal situations. Without his direction, council would make this place look like a little Detroit. We will no doubt face future financial problems but nowhere near what it could be.

Good point jeeps. Although I think Gary and Aubrey are about as non-partisan as you can get. They simply want what's best for Charlottesville and have been effective at making the right decisions.

They are definite assets to this community, despite the cheap shots that have been taken at them.

The problem is that Gary is totally out of touch with the needs of the community, especially those who are low income. He needs to get out of City Hall on occasion and speak with regular working people to find out what life is like for those who make less than he does $170,000 a year.

Only a moron running city government would not have had a AAA bond rating with all the money slouching around Charlottesville in the last 10 years. The city is also sitting pretty because of the revenue sharing agreement which Mr. O'Connell had nothing to do with.

The question is how has he managed the infrastructure, and public safety?

OK, yes butt:
It is not the job of the city to manage the poor and needy. If someone can not aford to live here, move. There are many places in the state which are much less expensive to live in. Regular working people, in the old days if you needed more money you got a second job, go get one, stop begging for a hand out.
Leave the managememt of the city to the jobs that they are to do and manage your life the way it should be as well, don't mix the two.

Another question-- is city council setting the agenda of the city or is Gary managing them?

the problem is that the wealthy elite around here including oconnell,, chamber of commerce, albemarle republicans, rob shilling et cetera are all sitting pretty and wedded to the status quo and are unable or unwilling to see that life isn't as easy for those of us out here who aren't as rich as they are. they need to get outta their bubbles!!!

I am certainly not rich but I also certainly don't want my city handed to the dregs either.

Gary O'Connell could and should put an end to water fluoridation, which gives little boys bone cancer, causing them to die.

What many of the commenters fail to realize is that this is NOT a flattering story.

This isn't an "award." It's a condemnation.

I think most of us get it. It's time to shed a little light on what's really going on. The Democrats think they're in control of the City but that's an illusion, it's really being run by Mr. Watts and Mr. O'Connell which are doing the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce and feeding the council candy to keep them happy.

All of this speculation and accusation is ridiculous. Gary has done a fine job, along with our elected officials.

There is no grand conspiracy, massive mismanagement, or deception going on. The Hook used its "new" concept for a cover story simply as an excuse to write another article about the water issue, which it has completely misrepresented. Worse yet, they ripped off Time magazine's concept to simply launch a personal attack against a person who is largely responsible for much of Cville's success.

How has the Hook misrepresented the water issue. Looks like Mr. O'Connell is the one admitting he made a mistake?

O'Connell does say there's one thing he'd do differently: he'd get a second opinion from a firm other than Gannett Fleming.

"Sitting here today," says O'Connell, "looking back, clearly their cost estimates were way off."

Just in Mr. O'Connell's approval rating slips below George Bush

I miss Cole Hendrix.

He was the best city manager this area ever had.

$7.5 million to replace the bricks on the downtown mall..Gimme a break...

This city sucks!

What's with that ultra closeup cover shot? I'd hate to have every blemish revealed to the world. lol I'll assume the Hook will always chose a city manager since they do have the broadest effect on the C'ville since they oversee, in theory, every city department. Yawn.

Man of the year????? Excuse me!!!! Because he is getting a handsome salary for being city manager (I am not saying "doing his job") does not mean that he deserves this award.

Dear Ruth,

Thanks for your comment.

I should point out that Person of the Year is not an "award" per se. It's the person who has most influenced the news. We're essentially following the same model as Time Magazine, who have given Person of the Year to people whom they lauded for their works (Bono and Bill Gates in 2005, Nelson Mandela and F.W. deKlerk in 1993) but also to those of whom they were less complimentary (the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, Joseph Stalin in 1939 and 1942).

So this year, as with years in the future, we're picking the person who had the greatest impact. It's up to you to decide whether that impact was good or bad.

Lindsay Barnes

Every time somebody responds in this thread, it reminds me of how much I miss Cole Hendrix.... the best City Manager we have ever had!