BizBrief: It's a wrap for Hollywood Video

Beleaguered Hollywood Video closed its Charlottesville store at Barracks Road March 15, NBC29 reports, and its space in the north wing of the shopping center will be occupied by Anthropologie. Attempts to get anyone to answer the phone at parent company Hollywood Entertainment in Wilsonville, Oregon, were unsuccessful.

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From my understanding talking to employees, the local store was doing fine under the current management. This whole situation has nothing to do with Hollywood video per se and everything to do with Barracks Rd. Shopping center that forced them out. This seems to be a trend in Charlottesville, where we have good businesses with helpful staff forced out for trendy chains. Its the same kind of logic that forced out Innisfree from the Mall. I know this isn't a local store per se, but the people at Hollywood were good people and we appreciated the convenience of the store, and we now have no reason to go into that shopping center anymore.

I wish some local video store could run a similar deal like the one Hollywood offered. We only get one TV Channel where we live, and so we rented an average of one video per day throuh their MVP program. Our family will now have no choice but to go to Netflix.

Oh, yeah, and sneak reviews or someone please hire Jennifer, we like her movie recomendations.