Craig Winn's house for sale

If you have $9.95 million, you can buy the 50-acre estate and home of the mastermind behind Charlottesville's mercurial dot-com, ValueAmerica. Dubbed "Winndom" during the billion-dollar days of the company's existence, the 17,000 square-foot, fountain-and-tennis court-equipped Woodlands Road spread is now "Emerald Hill," according to the listing by Frank Hardy Inc. Realtors. It is also available for $14.9 million with 133 acres, according to a CAAR MLS (#449153) listing.


no offense, did you just figure this out. it has been on sale for at least 1.5 - 2 yrs. he may have gone off and come back on, but its been in the MLS for a VERY long time. its probably worth 1/2 of what he is listing it for.

406 days on market according to Frankly MLS.

Swimming pool is too small.

And they tell me that for 6 (cents?) more -- you get eggroll?


Is this how Winn spent shareholder money after screwing them with a bogus company? I wonder if he is giving tours so people can see how their investment was spent.

Well, at least there's no shipping charge for THIS ValueAmerica product.

House is appraised for $4.3M.

A seller asking for twice what property has appraised for?!

Or expecting to make 100-300% over what they paid for the property 5-10 years ago?


I heard the guy from Simply Red--Mick Hucknall--is buying it.

would love to see the dude crash and burn. i suspect he is on his way already. does he hang with the landmark hotel guy?

Craig Winn should be in jail. He is a crook and has been for a very, very long time. Many people are still suffering today, because of this man's greed. This house says it all.