Wood recycling facility killed

Three weeks after the Keswick site was panned by the Albemarle Planning Commission, a proposed wood recycling center, to be located on the site of what was once seen as an outdoor theater, lost its bid for a special use permit, according to Charlottesville Tomorrow.

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Yeah--at least, in this instance, Albemarle County officials listen to citizens concerns, unlike Fluvanna County! Albemarle, Fluvanna, and Louisa County citizens thank you for denying this request. This facility would have created dangerous traveling conditions for citizens and school buses in all three counties. The infrastructure wouldn't have been able to accommodate this large facility. BFI, Better Living, Vanderlinde, AG Dillard, and Luck Stone already use 250 and I-64 and this facility would have only added to the travel problems, unsafe driving conditions, and road deterioration!