Delta expanding CHO-Detroit service

Officials at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport announced Wednesday, March 18 that Delta Airlines has expanded its service from CHO to their Detroit hub from a 34 seat plane to a Canadair Regional Jet that seats 50. "When you consider that's 16 extra seats, on two daily flights, for 365 days a year, it's a big expansion in our business," says airport executive director Barbara Hutchinson. "It's also going to be cheaper for travelers because airlines determine their pricing based on the number of seats on the plane." That's not to mention that travelers hoping to catch domestic or international flights in Detroit will be able to get their faster aboard the new jets. What was once a two hour flight is now only an hour and a half.


This is great news, because who doesn't want to go to Detroit?!?!

This could be a big problem for Charlottesville, as many folks might not want to return or--more likely--might not be able to return. However, this is great for Craig Littlepage, as it will open up a whole new, fertile recruiting ground for wonderful student/athletes to be scouted: Detroit public schools.

I have no idea why the Hook attempts to pump up the dining scene in Scottsville on a such a regular basis. I live down there, and would like nothing more than a return to delicious dining, but these semi regular "scottsville is about to pop" articles are absurd. Has anyone been to Scottsville lately? It is not primed for a revival by any stretch.

Depends on what your definition of "primed for revival" is. I for one think the town is trying to get back on its feet after the ridiculously drawn out streetscape project - several little businesses have already popped up.

Dave is right. I have lived in Sville since 1998 (coming from Philly). Ugh, this revival hogwash tires me out. Minor's Diner--a former eatery--is now a (get this) Chinese Laundry. The bloody Magnolia/Jimmy's on the James/etc. location has been a shell for years. Half the buildings are vacant and the ones who are there change as much as my underwear. Sometimes I think the town is a poster child for bail outs: a bunch of people who have no business starting a business open them and then expect to succeed in a town with no parking selling $10 pizzas. Perhaps we will have a Scottsville bailout plan in the future.

Now, the ones who are there charge way too much for food. The "Country Blessings" location has a business model that says "sell locally produced food," yet at silly high prices. The locals who must scrape for every buck will not pay those high prices, and the new movers-in could care less where the food is produced.

My theory is this: If you sell low-ticket items and can afford to operate4 or 5 years in the red, perhaps the town will come around and have enough volume/parking to help you succeed. Otherwise, good ruck!

Finally, kudos to the authors for the mea culpa on the error . However, how did you make such a boo-boo on such a central fact? And the Dew Drop Inn sign is actually in the 330 Valley Street eatery as a wall hanging.